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  5. "Na páistí."

"Na páistí."

Translation:The children.

January 7, 2015



I am a native Finnish speaker, and in Finnish 'paisti' means roasted meat. In this context it evokes rather grotesque ideas... :)


In rapanui, the aboriginal language of Easter Island, na also means the(plural). na páistí = na poki


is paista " to shine in finnish " ? Aurinko paista The sun shines Am I wrong ?

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According to Google Translate, it's "aurinko paistaa".


Paistaa does mean "to shine" in the context of the Sun is shining, but it also means to cook something on a pan/to fry. "Paista" would be the second person singular imperative, so used like "Paista tuo pihvi!", so "Cook that stake!" (We don't bother with please in Finnish :)) or "Paista jo!", or, "Shine already!" directed towards the Sun.


Ha ha. It kinda does.... OMG i cant breath thats so funny.


Very Jonathan Swift!


the audio isnt working! I cant complete this question if the audio isnt working

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You can go into your profile and turn off audio questions.


i know its annoying


The sound file makes it seem like three words :(


this is kind of hard


Probably on of my favorite languages


I learnt Irish as a child - a long, long time ago - and I thought child translated as Leanbh?

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There are a couple of different words that are synonyms or have overlapping meaning. Leanbh means "baby".


But wasn't garsún the word for boy?

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garsún is a word for "boy", but it's more like "lad" - it's not always appropriate, and it isn't the generic term for a male child.


Argh I spelled it wrong!


Ooh is that your pig on ur profile pick??? I love pigletts!!!!


I don't have the option for letters with accents, frustrating


It's impossible to complete the Irish course without them. If you're using a computer, install the English International keyboard; if you're using a phone, then you definitely have letters with accents -- just hold down the keys.


My favourite keyboard for Android is SwiftKey. It integrates 3 dictionaries at once so you don't have to keep changing the dictionary from language 1 to language 2 and back.


I wish i could zoom in or increase font size on my phone. I have trouble seeing the accents.


For a language website/application, they really picked a crappy default font as far as accents are concerned.


You might want to look ib the phone settings, my android (Wileyfox Swift2x running Android 7.1.2) has a section called 'accessibility' that has both options for magnification gestures and changing the fontsize.


sorry i'm a beginner but is there a way to get Irish accents without downloading


I don't know about Macs, but in Windows, go to Settings > Time & Language > add the US-International Keyboard (or perhaps the international keyboard specific to your country). Then you can switch to an input method that easily makes äöüíéóúáçå, etc.


An is for singular and Na is for plural?



(* If the noun is feminine, and is being used in a genitive clause, na will be used even for singular, eg lár na páirce - "the middle of the park". But don't worry about that for now, it'll be covered in latter lessons).


[QUESTION] What is the difference between "The children" and "Of the children" in Irish?


The genitive plural of páiste is na bpáistí. So you would say "The children's dog" or "the dog of the children" as madra na bpáistí.


Its pronounced nuh posh tee


Nothing with "paisti" is sounding on my end. I can't hear any of the pronunciations with child or children.


lol I cant even hear it


Does anyone else have trouble getting the audio to play?


A number of people on the main thread announcing the new audio have reported issues with the new audio in Firefox on Windows. The volume issue, though, affects everyone.

Note that most sentences on the Irish course do not have audio, so the lack of sound on any given sentence is not an indication of a glitch.


its not working


I though páistí meant child too, so i put the child but got it wrong

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If it were singular, the definite article would be "an".


There are many phrases with the sound icon on the screen, but they do nothing when tapped/clicked. It’s like the sound file is missing for those phrases.

Other phrases work fine for the sound, so it’s not a setting...it’s more like a bug.

Am I the only one?

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Duolingo uses the same web template for all its exercises. Because Duolingo was designed to be used with a text to speech engine, in which all exercises in the language that you are learning are spoken, all Irish to English exercises have a speaker icon, and al English to Irish exercises don't, even though the Irish course does not use a text to speech engine, and therefore doesn't have audio available for all exercises.

The lack of audio is NOT a bug - it's a limitation due to the fact that managing actual voice recordings is expensive. The presence of a blue speaker icon on exercises that don't have any audio could be considered a bug - before the last big website redesign the speaker icon was only displayed if there was audio available for that exercise, but it is unlikely that the Duolingo programmers will do anything about it - there are far more annoying bugs that affect all languages that they haven't fixed.

So far, in the discussion threads, the speaker icon seems to correlate to the availability of audio for that exercise (there is no icon at the top of this page, for example). But when you are doing exercises, the blue icon is just decoration - if the audio plays automatically when the exercise opens, there is audio, if the audio doesn't play automatically, then there isn't any audio, and clicking the speaker icon won't do anything.

Edit: The web template has been updated so that the speaker icon only shows when there is audio available.


Will somebody please think of na páistí?


Why is "Na" used here instead of "An" to mean "the"?

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Like most European languages, the plural definite article in Irish is not the same as the singular definite article.

The child - The children
An páiste - Na páistí
L'enfant - Les enfants
El niño - Los niños
Das Kind - Die Kinder
Het kind - De kinderen
Il bambino - I bambini


this is the most annoying thing in the world you cant even type without the keyboard having a seizure


My spelking is horrendous.

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