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Danish music and movies

Could someone recommend me some danish good movies and music pretty please? I have to start making contact to danish culture If I want to learn their language properly.

January 7, 2015



I'm not much of an expert on films, but boy, what TV they have! :3

  • Forbrydelsen (The Killing) (3 seasons, complete) - crime/thriller, quite legendary now
  • Borgen (3 seasons, complete) - political drama, also wildly popular
  • Bron | Broen (The Bridge) (2 seasons, 3rd in production) - crime/thriller again, this time Danish/Swedish co-production (in both languages)
  • Arvingerne (The Legacy) (2 seasons, 2nd airing now) - drama

all listed can be found with English subtitles.

as for music, there are many brilliant artists, but of those who sing in Danish I can only think of Under Byen (nice experimental post-rock or something like that).


I like the music, 'Tidligt op'.


Which is your favorite of those TV shows?


hmm, I think it would be Forbrydelsen. mysteries, lots of people die terribly, that kind of stuff. also I like how the events are presented, they affect families' lives, police work and politics. so it really is a mix of genres and perspectives.


Some Danish movies that I've watched are: Jagten (The Hunt) En kongelig affære (A Royal Affair) Adams æbler (Adam's Apples)

When it comes to music, I listen to Rasmus Seebach, you gotta listen to his music! I've also heard of Rasmus Walter, Svenstrup & Vendelboe and L.O.C.

Good luck with your Danish :)


Well, if you want to dig in some old danish classics, I can recommend some. All of the "Olsen banden" films and I mean all of them.

It's about three guys, Keld, Benny and Egon Olsen who's constantly making get-rich-quick scheme plans because they're tired of being poor. They live in a rundown apartment in the not so rich part of Zealand. With one of them having a really annoying wife and a hippie son.

Together they've a dream of getting so rich that they one day can go and live in Spain or somewhere warm in luxury.

But unfortunately their plans always seems to fail and "The Brain", Egon Olsen, gets caught at the end (or sometimes at the very start). But that's okay because it gives him a year or two to come up with a new plan. And every plan is different from the other.

They came out around the 70's and they're still funny and ingenious to watch to this day. I'll say it's a good idea to look them up if you haven't heard about them yet.

Hope that helped :)


What would be the best way for someone in the US to watch these? I can only find an expensive DVD set on Amazon which is Region 2.


Yeah ... region-lock really sucks :( but I may know some few ways:

Change the settings in your pc's dvd driver

There's a way to change the region on the pc's dvd drive, depending on the OS you're running. You can give it a try, if you want, and try google it. Unfortunately it's limited to how many times you can do it, so maybe it isn't the best solution after all.

Buy a Region 2 dvd-player

This is probably the most expensive one. It's very similar to game consoles from other counties. If you want to do it the legit way, not only will you've to buy the dvd-player but also an adapter for the plug and a compatible tv. It's not cheap but it'll solve your problem.

Buy a Region Free dvd-player

Some dvd-players are region free that'll spare you the trouble of buying a tv and comes with a North American power plug too. Although they're rare to find in the stores, you can find them on the internet. For example, for what I've heard, the Pioneer DV-393-s has a NA power plug and can be bought on ebay.

Make some modifications

Then of Course, there's all the other stuff like software, programs, cds, chips and etc. You can even make your PS2 play dvds or games from other regions and it doesn't have to be illegal. There are tutorials on youtube and most of them tell you where to buy the things. Of course there's always a risk for it to get damage in the process but it's a bit cheaper.


If you're in the US you can watch Borgen (with English subtitles) online for free here for two weeks after they are broadcast: https://www.linktv.org/series/borgen However you probably want to wait until they start the series over from the beginning. They have shown the entire series multiple times now and probably will continue to repeat it.

Also for US residents, MHz Networks http://www.mhznetworks.org shows European mysteries and crime drama, including some Danish ones (with English subtitles). The shows are broadcast at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST and repeated at 12PM EST/ 9PM PST daily. Many cable TV and satellite providers carry this non-commercial channel but you might not know you get it and this list is incomplete. http://www.mhznetworks.org/mhz-worldview/carriage. Seattle residents it is Channel 334 on Comcast.

All programs are streamed live online at the time they air on TV. Some programs (the ones they have the rights for this) may be watched online anytime for up to 1 week after they air, here: http://www.mhznetworks.org/programs/full-episodes.

I have seen the Eagle, the Spider, Unit One (Rejseholdet) in Danish here and I expect they'll show them again. Also there are programs in Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian...

Finally they sell DVDS of some series in US format http://shop.mhznetworks.org


Check out Sorten Muld. It's Danish folk music with a modern, electronic twist to it.



Ørnen is also a great Danish tv show!


Iceage is pretty awesome, though they sing in English... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roB4hRdLlas


Nephew has songs that are in English and Danish and some mixed ones too! My favorite Danish band!


Someone already mentioned Adams æbler, which is really good. Here's another 3 movies I personally enjoyed, all very good and famous, all Dogma 95: Festen, Idioterne, and Italiensk for begyndere. And 3 on the more 'mainstream' side: Direktøren for det hele, De unge år, and finally, Efter brylluppet. Yep, that's a lot of Lars von Trier ;)


Matador, is the most famous danish tv series. It is from the 80s, but still every Dane knows it and it is a must to understand their culture (that is what they say :P)


I actually saw you're from Brazil, so I'll switch to portuguese, if you don't mind! hahahaha A Dinamarca me trouxe uma das minhas artistas favoritas, chamada Medina. Foi com ela que minha curiosidade sobre esse país surgiu, lá no meio de 2012. Ela é uma das maiores cantoras populares por lá e tem um sucesso em outros países europeus, porque ela grava discos em dinamarquês e também em inglês. <3 Deixo aqui minha favorita, em dansk, chamada Vend Om. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79-VutY0DDU <3

A discografia dela é muito boa, porque ela é eclética e canta diversos estilos. Se curtir algo mais calminho, indico essa (eleita música do ano de 2014 lá na DK) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXM5NJCBJtc

Se gostar e quiser conhecer mais, só dizer! :D Farvel!




Movies: "blinkende lygter", "de grønne slagtere", "super classico" TV-shows: "matador" Music: "Suspekt" (rap), "malk de koijn" (rap), "Burhan G" (pop), "Marie Key" (pop) , Nephew (pop/rock), Peter sommer.

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