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Danish music and movies

Could someone recommend me some danish good movies and music pretty please? I have to start making contact to danish culture If I want to learn their language properly.

January 7, 2015



I'm not much of an expert on films, but boy, what TV they have! :3

  • Forbrydelsen (The Killing) (3 seasons, complete) - crime/thriller, quite legendary now
  • Borgen (3 seasons, complete) - political drama, also wildly popular
  • Bron | Broen (The Bridge) (2 seasons, 3rd in production) - crime/thriller again, this time Danish/Swedish co-production (in both languages)
  • Arvingerne (The Legacy) (2 seasons, 2nd airing now) - drama

all listed can be found with English subtitles.

as for music, there are many brilliant artists, but of those who sing in Danish I can only think of Under Byen (nice experimental post-rock or something like that).


I like the music, 'Tidligt op'.


Which is your favorite of those TV shows?


Some Danish movies that I've watched are: Jagten (The Hunt) En kongelig affære (A Royal Affair) Adams æbler (Adam's Apples)

When it comes to music, I listen to Rasmus Seebach, you gotta listen to his music! I've also heard of Rasmus Walter, Svenstrup & Vendelboe and L.O.C.

Good luck with your Danish :)


Well, if you want to dig in some old danish classics, I can recommend some. All of the "Olsen banden" films and I mean all of them.

It's about three guys, Keld, Benny and Egon Olsen who's constantly making get-rich-quick scheme plans because they're tired of being poor. They live in a rundown apartment in the not so rich part of Zealand. With one of them having a really annoying wife and a hippie son.

Together they've a dream of getting so rich that they one day can go and live in Spain or somewhere warm in luxury.

But unfortunately their plans always seems to fail and "The Brain", Egon Olsen, gets caught at the end (or sometimes at the very start). But that's okay because it gives him a year or two to come up with a new plan. And every plan is different from the other.

They came out around the 70's and they're still funny and ingenious to watch to this day. I'll say it's a good idea to look them up if you haven't heard about them yet.

Hope that helped :)


What would be the best way for someone in the US to watch these? I can only find an expensive DVD set on Amazon which is Region 2.


Check out Sorten Muld. It's Danish folk music with a modern, electronic twist to it.



Ørnen is also a great Danish tv show!


Iceage is pretty awesome, though they sing in English... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roB4hRdLlas

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