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Nicest people on the internet?

I was just replying to a thread started by nathansk8s and while talking about the other language site I just started using, lang-8.com (which I highly recommend as an enjoyable supplement to Duolingo), and about how the people on that site seem very nice and eager to help each other, much as has been my experience on Duolingo, it occurred to me that the communities on these language-learning sites might be some of the nicest I've encountered online.

I doubt the Duolingo team could possibly have known what a great community they would have here (I mean, this is the internet after all) but it must be rewarding to see that part of the site come together so well.

Learning a language is hard and rewarding, so maybe it's a combined sense of shared frustration and accomplishment that helps us all get along.

OK, that's enough warm feelings from me for awhile! (I'm just trying to make myself feel better after swearing at the French practice I was doing a few minutes ago.)

July 25, 2013



My guess is that it is because language self-learners are productive people by nature rather than people looking to vent online or goofing off out of boredom.


i totally agree man!


Thanks for the shout out! haha the duo community is sick but iv notice on duo and even on youtube language learners are very happy friendly people. Maybe because where people oriented and have this drive to communicate with more people. I love the positive energy on duo i see people thanking the team all the time and striving to learn more and encourage others its amazing!


we would rather help each other than make life hell. That's a very rare and precious thing to have in life.


I also use Lang-8 and I agree with everything you mentioned!


thinking of registering on Lang8 after reading this !! ::D


Learning (I mean, learning anything, not just languages) is hard and exhaustive. Nice people all around (excluding a few :)) are necessary. Everybody needs each other ;).


haha, I think you're right :)


:D I absolutely love this site.


No, I am not nice. I am mean and bad- just ask Knoxienne. And I hate cats.



Everyone is mean and bad at some point in their life. :)


Why do you hate cats? Are you allergic?


We have four cats. They are ferocious house-assassins. One of them is asleep on my lap now. Vicious brutes. I hate cats.



Those brutes are planning world domination I just know it! We must band together before they overthrow the humans with their purrs of utter horror!


I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS!!! I'm a redhead, so basically I come from hell ya know (The whole soul-per-freckle thing is true, I admit) and cats are my cousins. 'Cept they're like a mix of demons-aliens-evil geniuses.


Might I say this is my first day on this site, and that you have helped make an excellent impression. Really, spectacular; thank you. PS. I agree wholeheartedly about cats,


Yeah, I hate cats too. They are just the most awful. snuggles both of my purring cats I just can't stand them at all falls asleep snuggling them not even one bit! ^_~ lol


I understand. Not many people I know hate cats, so I have a hard time understanding why someone would dislike them. I understand where you're coming from though:)


Language communities in general are great, everyone is happy to help, ESPECIALLY natives. Natives are always happy to help you learn their language, while also keen to try and learn yours. Speaking out a language and listening as part of a conversation is also a great way to learn, say on Skype, or on a site if you aren't so comfortable with adding people on closer IM services like Skype. I am Hungarian and speak the language somewhere along the lines of 70% fluent, so if anyone here on Duo would like to learn it I'd be happy to help, I also speak German very well, French at a high level, and am learning the above three along with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese. If you'd like to practice or want some help please message me I'd be glad to help!


This is one of the best websites to learn languages. At least, for me, it is working better than babbel and busuu :)


Spanishdict.com is totally free and has an excellent message board also, along with 60 good video lessons by a professional Spanish teacher.


I totally get you, I feel the same! I just think it's so amazing that people are so nice to each other compared to other sites. May we all get along forever :) ♥


I agree :) By the way, what does the little flame next to the language flag mean?


The flame represents your "streak" -- how many consecutive days you've practiced on Duolingo. You can hover the mouse over the flame on your profile, or anybody else's, to view the streak for each language being studied.


You're right. We really have a nice community here. Though my voice for the nicest community goes to the Amplitude Studios Forums. :)


It's not so much that I've never seen any nasty comments on here (that would be some sort of ridiculous fantasy world), it's more that such posts are quite uncommon and not really given a lot of attention, just voted down and forgotten about like they should be.


Now with that response I can relate. When you are looking for a community like this one, it is doubtful you will try to ruin it and more likely to build on it for future users.


Ich lerne Deutsch mit Duolingo. Es ist ganz toll! Die Leute aus Duolingo sind toll auch. Spreche ich Deutsch? Am I speaking German? This must be magic! Ich mag Duolingo aber Ich verpasse einen Chat Raum. I like Doulingo but I miss a chat room. I'd like to practise German in real time. Hallo! Ich bin DanRope, warum sind wir Freunden nicht? Hello, I'm DanRope, why aren't we friends? Soy hablante nativo de español ;) I'm native speaker of Spanish ¡Mucha suerte! Viel Glück! Good luck!


Bienvenido, hermano! Yo tambien soy nativo de España. Bueno, tecnicamente soy gringo, pero nací en España y vivo en México.


I speak spanish, and im trying to improve my english and learn some french ( i studied french in high school but i barely remember a few words). I do LOVE learning new languages and knowing new cultures and people, and in a few years i would like to go for ERASMUS (yOU PROBABLY HEARD ABOUT IT). The thing is that if any person needs some help in spanish , please let me know and i will be more than glad to help you!! By the way, i wish DUOLINGO would have Russian as a choice too....Just saying!!


That's so very true, but I think it comes with most language learning sites. I've had experiences on Live Mocha, and my goodness, are those people kind. I think it's because students that are teaching themselves have to have a certain amount of maturity to apply time and practice to their interests.


A different platform draws different people. This isn't a place for politics, sports etc, thus not platform for fighting over emotionally charged views. If you are committing significant time, money and effort to learning something, you'll most likely be too busy to want to engage in these discussions, especially on a site where you are performing said learning!


I just joined Lang-8.com.. Going to give it a try.


I agree, I love the helpfulness


Yes, there are a lot of very nice people on Duolingo. I enjoy talking to them. Oui, Il y a beaucoup de gens tres gentil ici. J'aime leur parler.

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