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Not able to finish a lesson

Whenever I finish a lesson now, my progress never saves for some reason? It worked once earlier this morning; but four times in a row now on two different lessons, when I finish it just sits on this screen: Duo

Is this happening to anyone else? If it is, how did you fix it?

January 7, 2015



what do you mean Xp stays the same ?


Yea, but the more annoying thing is that there's no change on the home screen - the lesson won't go back to gold because it doesn't think you've finished doing it.

The same thing happened to this guy as well - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6293013


I can confirm that this happens to me sometimes (I am that guy)


It has also happened to me as well. I am using an iPad and Safari and following the change to the hearts system, it seemed to lock up at the end of a lesson and did not complete it, even though I finished on a correct answer. I'm afraid I stopped using the web interface after that and returned to using the iOS app (which I prefer).


That happens to me occasionally as well. Once it happens it will happen every time until I close my browser and restart it. It might also work to log out of Duolingo and log back in.


It happens to me so much I feel like finding another website that works

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