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"Soms moet je veel werken om promotie te maken."

Translation:Sometimes you need to work a lot to get a promotion.

January 7, 2015



Does anybody even really say you've to work? Because it systematically accepts you've to work and does not accept you've got to work unless it has been reported by somebody


> Does anybody even really say you've to work? No, but "you have to work" is fine, and I think Duolingo auto-accepts contractions, even in the few cases that doesn't make sense.


Yeah but my problem was why it doesn't accept You've got to work.


'You've to work" would be correct English, but it sounds awkward. Most likely, people would say ""You have to work, you have got to work, or you've got to work".


If got is not present, then it's not correct to contract have: it's only contracted when used as an auxiliary verb.


Would "sometimes you must work a lot for a promotion" be an acceptable translation.


it would lose the "to get" / "te maken" so it's not a complete translation


You are correct. What I should have taken that into account. That said, how about "Sometimes you must work a lot to make a promotion?" It seems more natural to me to translate "te maken" into "to make". Would that work?


if that is correct in English it would work. personally I would also use "een promotie krijgen" (to get a promotion) but I don't know if that would work in Dutch. I might be native but I'm not a linguistics person


Yes, it is correct but may not be used often. To get does sound better. What is helpful here is that I seem to be correct in translating " te maken" into "to make" so it is a choice now between that and "to get" based on the context.


"Sometimes you have to work a lot to be promoted". = Accepted: 20 juni 2021.


Is it incorrect to say "to work much" instead of to worka lot?


Where is the nodig for need?


Hi AngelaWalt5,

the modal verb moeten can be translated in different ways:

  • must

  • need

  • have to

  • ought to

Hope this helps.


sometimes you must work a lot to get promotion - surely that is correct?


Almost. It should be "to get a promotion", or "to get promoted".


There are exceptions to the Peter Principle


i had the sentence rejected because i said to get promotion not get a promotion???

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