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"Het is moeilijk om promotie te maken."

Translation:It is difficult to get a promotion.

January 7, 2015



I don't see where the indefinite article is expressed in this sentence. Would that not be "een promotie"? I just said promotion,which was marked incorrect.


I suppose they only use 'promotie' as a mass noun, not a count noun. In English, we do both. I simply answered "It's hard to get promoted" which was accepted. ;)


It is difficult to get promotion/It is difficult to get a promotion.

In UK English the first translation (which I would regard as the correct one here) is a generalisation in the sense that no promotion is ever easy. The second one refers to a particular promotion, or a particular employer, implying that other promotions are easy but this one is difficult.

For example, you might say "It is easy to get promotion in the administrative grades but a promotion to managerial grade is difficult"


The indefinite article should not be obligatory here.


Agreed! We get promotion, not a promotion. I'm really tired of making 'mistakes' because DL speaks a strange sort of English.


Don't you mean "we get promoted"?


Get a promotion to fix this .......... Sound????????


We would also say "... difficult to make a promotion"


It's not common usage in the United Kingdom to say "make a promotion." I can't imagine it being used much in other English-speaking countries :)


In fact we talk about getting promotion without the indefinite article.


Although "getting promoted" is more usual.


Who is "we"? Certainly not any English-speakers I know.

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