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Listen and type in English always tells I am wrong

I am learning German and currently on Lesson 2. Everytime While doing the exercise,Listen and type in English, I noticed that whatever I type, the system always tells that I am wrong. Even if I type the correct sentence, I am told to be wrong. Please help as I am stuck at that level.

July 25, 2013



Are you sure you're asked to type English when hearing audio during the German course? You might be asked to type out the German phrase that you hear to improve your German listening skills, but I don't think you're requested to translate into English.


I am actually asked to type in English. I am supposed to listen in German and translate it to English. Even the correct solution displayed by the software is in English.


When learning German, you should never get exercises that ask you to listen and type in English. You may however get a German sentence (with text) that you are supposed to translate into English (the audio for the German will also play). If this isn't the case, could you please share a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Thanks!


You are right. I came across this problem because I was asked to type in English. I tried typing German and the issue was solved. From now on, the exercise asks me to type in German. So, I am able to proceed. Thanks!!

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