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WIP: Duo's Vocabulary as a Word document

Hello fellow learners, I recently started to write down the Spanish Vocabulary into a Word document so it can be printed and the words be easier learned. So far after 2 days of work I'm done with 6 sections. The finished document will include the following:

-All words (except for regular conjugations and gender changes) with translation ordered

alphabetical and after sections

-The irregular verbs will be marked and the conjugations will be written down in a chart at the end

-instead of the numbers section I'll most likely make a list with all numbers to at least 100

-an index where to find what at the beginning

-Perhaps a chart about the pronouncation of letters and groups of letters

But I have the following Problem. I'm not finished with the skill tree yet. Also it's a big bunch of work. For this reason I need help from you guys. If you want to give me a Hand write a message in my stream so we can talk about it (determine which sections you should work on, how you should format it etc.) It would be great also if someone did the same with the other languages. Please give this thread a good rating so others can see too. Greetings, Criculann

July 25, 2013


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