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  5. "Níl aon rogha agam."

"Níl aon rogha agam."

Translation:I have no choice.

January 7, 2015



Would nil rogha agam be pretty much the same thing?


To me the aon gives some definitiveness to the lack of the thing. Níl hata agam is a kind of an uninteresting fact whereas níl aon hata agam suggests that I've looked and can't find a single one of the dang things. You'll sometimes see a construction like níl hata ar bith agam to give a similar sense.


It'd be the same difference as English "I have no choice." versus "I don't have a choice". So, yes, pretty much.


What does roghasa mean


roghasa would be the emphatic in possessive cases.


Except Duolingo doesn't accept "I don't have a choice."


Exactly, because as galaxyrocker explained, "I have no choice" isn't the same as "I don't have a choice".

Níl aon rogha agam - "I have no choice", "I don't have any choice"
Níl rogha agam - "I don't have a choice"

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