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I'm just wondering if someone interested to help me & my friend to improve pronunciation.

Hello to all English native speakers out there!

I'm a native Russian & I really want to improve my pronuciation & reading skills. I have a friend, she is also Russian and she like to join me in my competition. So...

We decided to run a competition against each other and read some articles aloud then compare. But there is a problem. We need a native speaker to point out our mistakes and (if possible) receive some feedback with suggestions. I'll put our files in the comments to the post so you can vote which version you like better.

P.S.: It's our first day. Don't judge us too hard. =]

January 7, 2015



I am actually listening as I type - your version:

  1. it is actually "priview" or "preeview". I hope you get what I mean

  2. I've seen this quite often - you sometimes change pitch awkwardly in some expressions or phrases ( such as "get more out of") Not sure how to explain this without an audible example and unfortunately, I can't record.

  3. I have always put the stress on the "a" of Italic, but I might be wrong xD

  4. The stress on "newspapers" is on news rather than papers

Overall, it's really good. I also like the fact that you learnt English with a British(-ish) accent - I am now trying to use it every day, since, when I was learning the language, I didn't pay attention to stuff like that. Also, don't be afraid to spell some words pretty much as they are written (for example your "may", read as a sort of "mai" rather than "mei", is indeed correct)

In Maria/Masha's version (sorry if I misspell the name - you posted it as Masha, but the file has it as Maria):

  1. The Russian accent is much more obvious from the start

  2. She switches between reading "r" followed by a vowel and not reading it. I don't mind her reading it as an American would, but she should be consequent

  3. Sometimes the "th" falls to a "z"-ish sound.

  4. With "-ing" words, she doesn't seem to be reading the "g" and while this is fine in anythin', I think it sounds a bit odd in headin's

  5. In thought, unlike "though", the t is pronounced. Also, "phrases" is pronounced as "freizis" (I really hope that my attempt at "phonetic" translation gets through)

I'd say that your pronunciation is better, but you stumble over your words more often, so that her reading is more fluid. Please don't take the number of "points" as a standard for who won. Some points are bigger mistakes than other (they are all, however, pretty small mistakes). Good job and I hope this helps :D


Oh, wow! Thank you very much for you comment! Yeah, I'm very bad at reading even in my native language. :D I hope I'll read better next time. Thank you again for your verbose explanation of my pronunciation mistakes. I will practice harder.


Practice makes perfect. Don't forget to speak English as well - speaking I find the hardest for any language. Even small phrases help :D


You may not believe it but I'm speaking a bit better than reading, lol. Thanks for your support. =]


I'm a native English speaker and would be glad to.


oh, some feedback already! Nice! Thank you very much, good sir!


It isn't letting me play the recordings. Do you know if it would play on an IPad?


erm... I have no idea. It's sad...


okay. I replace the links with Google Drive. I hope it works better. Thanks.


Reading Better and Faster the text if someone interested.

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