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  5. "Inverno é época de morango."

"Inverno é época de morango."

Translation:Winter is strawberry season.

July 25, 2013



Strawberries do not grow in the Winter ... reported.


I put 'winter is the season of the strawberry' which should have be accepted. In English, even though we use the singular here it's obvious that we are talking about strawberries in general.


This should be on a T-shirt!

Shakespeare's Richard III...woulda been different had the bard been a lusophone: "Now is the winter of our strawberries!"


My kingdom por um morango!


Gosh the voice is so funny, I seriously laughed out loud.


me too - no chance to understand it ;)


Why is 'época' used here instead of 'temporada'?


when it is related to fruit/flowers we commonly use "época".


Winter is the season of the strawberry didn't work.


Hi everyone, but... yes, I'm living in Jundiaí, SP, Brazil , and, strawberry here, "born" in the winter (since june until august) However, in portuguese, A época do morango na minha região é de junho até agosto, com temperatura média de 8 graus durante a madrugada com muito sereno, e média de 20 graus durante a tarde com sol, e sim, é verdade, aqui no Brasil o morango é uma fruta que comemos no inverno. (Winter in Brazil does not so wintry, I have never felt a temperature below zero degrees)

sorry for my bad english


The south region has temperatures below zero...and some cities in São Paulo too! =)


Why is época not preceded by an article (a época)?


that would not be so common to get it too specific, but it's not wrong if you use A.


Isn't morango singular? I put "Winter is the age of strawberry" , but it didn't accept it.


yes... you will hear most natives saying morango in singular. it is not wrong to say that in plural, but it sounds a bit odd.


I wrote winter is the season of strawberry and even though it isn't a correct English sentence they accepted it.


The English do not say "Winter is the time of strawberry" They would use the plural "Strawberries" or say, "...time of the strawberry".


• Winter is season for strawberry - is not correct.

Winter is the season for strawberries is more apt. Anyway, it is a very strange sentence.

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