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"Pojken bredvid mig läser en bok."

Translation:The boy next to me is reading a book.

January 7, 2015



Why "beside me" doesn't work?


As a native speaker, I think this sounds like an acceptable translation. I would report it if it still isn't accepted.


Why can't be "the boy is next to me reading a book"?


This would not be a direct translation, although it would mean the same thing in context. Also, your translation implies that you already know the boy, whereas the original sentence implies that you only know him as "the boy next to me."


Ah OK! Tack så mycket!!


I would translate that as "Pojken är bredvid mig och läser en bok." (Literally: "The boy is next to me and reads a book.") The Swedish gerund, though it exists, isn't really as common as the English and often has to be changed somehow or it'll sound unnatural.


In this situation is doesn't goes before next but I think that is needs to go before readin


(The boy next to me reads a book ) is not acceptable, just wondering why.


I try to remember "bredvid=next to" by remembering that "bredvid" looks kinda like "bread with" as in you share bread with someone next to you.


How to distinguish the case when "the boy is next to me reading a book" and "the boy next to me is reading a book"? Basically, how we can tell that it's not me who is reading a book in this case?


i would like to know the same

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