"I find no work."

Translation:Jag hittar inget arbete.

January 7, 2015



Why is 'inte' not the right word here?

January 9, 2015


Inte means ’not’ and ingen, -et, -a means no.

January 9, 2015


Tack för hjälpen

January 10, 2017


I'm being told to use "inte något," but haven't yet been exposed to något. Could somebody elaborate?

April 22, 2017


Literally inte något means 'not any'.

inget means 'no', it negates nouns.
The word inte means 'not', it negates verbs.

Since we're negating the noun here (no work), the suggested answer is inget arbete. But if you insist on using inte, you need to have något too. 'any' can be a bit tricky in some cases in English, but if we just take an easy example, we get this:

han arbetar inte 'he does not work'
han har inga pengar 'he has no money'
han har inte några pengar 'he does not have any money'

April 22, 2017


Why is "yrke" not acceptable in this context?

February 12, 2015


It's more like profession – ett yrke is not an employment.

February 12, 2015


I'm having real difficulty hearing the difference between "arbetar" and "arbete" - they essentially mean the same thing, yes - arbetar as a verb, (work - to do), and arbete) as a job?

March 17, 2015


arbetar is /ɑrbeːtɑr/ and arbete /ɑrbeːtε/. I think the difference is big enough.

March 17, 2015


Why "inget" instead of "ingen"?

May 1, 2015


It is because "ett arbete", so inget arbete; if en bok, ingen bok? I think..

May 5, 2015


Ah, ok. That makes sense. Thank you!

May 5, 2015


And inget instead of ingen because arbeter is an ett word??

March 23, 2017


Coming from German as a background language, I kind of expected "ingen" et al. to figure more prominently in Swedish, pretty much anywhere there is an indefinite noun in the object. I make no distinction that I'm aware of between "I find no work" and "I don't find any work" in English. Is there any perceptible difference in Swedish between "Jag hittar inget arbete" and "Jag hittar inte något arbete"? Is there any between the English versions for that matter?

September 14, 2018


Why is it not "Jag hittar inget jobbet."?

January 6, 2019


You can say Jag hittar inget jobb

January 30, 2019


Because “I find no the job.” doesn't make sense.

January 6, 2019


Is this Yoda?

January 7, 2019
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