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"Hvorfor bruger du ikke et andet program?"

Translation:Why do you not use another program?

January 7, 2015



Because I can't afford Rosetta Stone.


I take German in Rosetta Stone and honestly, I don't like it as much as duolingo.


Is Duolingo trying to give me a hint to use other software? :P


I've absolutely no idea what a program is in this context.


I would assume some sort of software


"do not" = "don't"???


i tried typing 'why don't you use another program, and it was marked as incorrect :(


Because I like the duck program.


I'm kind of partial to the bear program, myself. Hold on a second while I take the man's wheel and run away. Okay, now we can travel to China together--you eat red apples, I'll eat black strawberries and run with scissors. :p


So UgleOwl13 was responding to Duolingo in context, as if the sentence, "why do you not use another program," was asking, "why do you use Duolingo and not another program"? UgleOwl13 responded to Duolingo, not to the sentence exercise, by saying they like the duck program. Duolingo's Danish course involves a lot of sentences chronicling the adventures of the duck and the bear. Essentially, they were saying they like Duolingo so they're going to keep using it, in response to the sentence. I followed suit, referencing many of the practice sentences contained in the Duolingo Danish course. There are sentences in the Danish course like, "bjørnen tager mands hjule og løber væk [the bear takes the man's wheel and runs away]," as well as sentences about the bear and the duck traveling to China, the duck eating red apples while the bear eats black strawberries, and the bear running with scissors (while children do not run with scissors). The duck and the bear have a very storied history and many exciting adventures, it seems. Does that make more sense now?


So is "program" exclusive to technology and software, or can you use it in a context such as "I'm part of the engineering program at MIT"?


Why doesn't "Why not use another program?" work?


I only get the possibility to use "do not", but the solution is "don't" - my solution was accepted but marked as a typo


And what would the Danish phrase be if the translation contained «an other» instead of «another»? Or is this a DLM (duolinguomistake)? Tak


“An other” does not exist in modern English, while “one other” and “any other” do. “Another” comes from “an other”, but it has also acquired other meanings. It is an important word for learners of English to master.


Another ~ different: I would use these two words interchangably in english


i have a typo not a mistake

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