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" an tír ag teacht as an gcúlú."

Translation:The country is coming out of the recession.

January 7, 2015



That's a pretty strange pronunciation of "ag teacht"!


And it's how it's pronounced in Connacht Irish. They don't say ag teacht but ag tíocht


Some people in Connacht pronounce it "tíocht" - some people in Connacht pronounce it "teacht".


That's where Teanglann messes up. They ask people from various areas to pronounce words that don't exist in that area. Another example is having someone from Connacht pronounce cathain, which as a word does not exist there. Or freisin in Donegal.

Now, they might use it when reading the Caighdeán, but odds are it'll be tíocht when speaking among themselves.


having someone from Connacht pronounce cathain

[triggering intensifies]


My understanding of Ulster Irish got so much better when I realised the reason they pronounced cnoc as croc. I had spent ages trying to find logic in why people would pronounce n as r in some words but not others. Once I found out that the Caighdeán decided on the spelling, everything made sense


Tá an chuid is measa thart againn faoi dheireadh....

Tá amhras orm.


Ní chreidim é. Tá an córas briste fós agus tá an lucht airgid níos saibhre ná bhí sé riamh.


Is rud dúshlánach é dearfach a bheith sa thréimhse seo, ach tá súil agam go n-éiri cúrsaí linn.


Níl seisean mo thuairim!!! Tá bóthar fada romhainn fós

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