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  5. "Jeg er klar til at dø."

"Jeg er klar til at dø."

Translation:I am ready to die.

January 7, 2015



Why til at dø and not just at dø?


After adjectives, pronouns and nouns til is added before the infinitive market at. I unfortunately can't find any reference material for this, but it's just the pattern I've noticed and seems to be a good rule of thumb to follow


Thank you :) I've kind of been noticing this as well, but I wasn't sure.

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The "til" is part of the main clause. The expression is: at være klar til [noget/at]. That means it works both with a noun and an infinitive clause. E.g. "Jeg er klar til et forhold", "jeg er klar til at lære dansk". So we must keep the "til" as it completes the expression in the main clause.


Any one else hear broken beacuse ivar died in vikings and he said this :(


Is this a common saying in Danmark?


Maybe not nowadays, but perhaps about a thousand years ago. Possibly followed by 'TIL VALHAAAAAAAL!'


A preoccupation with death in these few lessons.

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