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  5. "I like the sound of guitars."

"I like the sound of guitars."

Translation:Jag tycker om ljudet av gitarrer.

January 7, 2015



What's wrong with "jag tycker om gitarrers ljudet"?


Wondering the same thing: this entry I did was considered wrong since it should be 'ljud', it said. Is the article replaced by the gitarrers-adject?


Did you see Zmrzlina's comments below?


At first it didn't show the 'subcomments', but now I have indeed!


Classic Duolingo... :p


Kunde man inte använda klang i stället för ljud, t.ex. "Jag gillar klangen av gitarrer"?


In the comment thread under the sentence, "vi kör på stockholms gator" someone asked, Q. ""Vi kör på gatorna av Stockholm." Would this make sense?" The answer came back, A. "No, Swedish doesn't use av for possession." Can someone explain when this is true and when it is not? Thank you.


That was probably me. :)

I get that this really looks like a possessive, and I'm not sure it isn't in English - but in Swedish, this is a preposition denoting origin.


This is a great question (and answer, thanks Devalanteriel!) I am having a little trouble fine tuning when we use the possessive as Swedish seems to be a fan of, and when we can denote origin with "av"... sadly the two things don't seem to quite align with English consistently enough to predict the right answer every time. Any further tricks for being able to predict this in a more general way? (Or perhaps I am just not good at recognising the difference between possessed things and things of origin...?)


The general rule is usually that if you can rewrite "the x of y" as "y's x", then it's a possessive. It doesn't cover everything but at least it's a start.


Tack, "gitarrs ljud" seems similar to "tids hjältar," so it is difficult to have confidence. Would a Swede understand me if i messed up? Or would they switch immediately to English? :)


Probably both. :)

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