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  5. "Die Frau ist schön."

"Die Frau ist schön."

Translation:The woman is beautiful.

July 25, 2013



i translated 'the woman is nice', wasn't accepted either


well schon doesn't exactly mean nice. in refers to appearance. but they did send me an email telling me that "the woman is pretty " will b accepted.


Then why does nice appear in the hover dictionary for schön? If lovely is accepted, nice hould be also.


Contextual, I believe. Also, I don't think nice and love are the same. If I love a car, chances are that I think a little more than it being merely "nice". :P


I agree. I entered "nice" too, and I don't get it either.



I. nice [naɪs] ADJ 1. nice approv (pleasant):




Nice is nett. Schon refers more to outward beaty


Yeah, I am doing also babbel and I just went through the schon teaching saying that it means pretty and also it can mean nice... I feel confused now :P


Don't mix up "schön" (beautyful) and "schon" (already). In one comment above is a typo.


@ GeoSchribs1 That is a great tip and applies to all similar words. You can spend years repeating a mistake like that and people generally won't correct you either because they know what you mean.


Combining the notion of typo's, pronunciation and enunciation - geographically USA is much larger than Germany. Northeast USA will say 'all of you' whereas Southern lean toward variations of 'you all'. Depending on the remoteness of the region you can potentially run into a 'you-ens' in dialog (i.e. all of you > you-all > you-ens). But to return to the point of the post: These variations happen in USA likely due to geographical size. Can this happen on a more micro level such as Germany? You might be saying something that just sounds odd to the locals, but they know what you mean and don't see the need to correct you. There is no infraction/insult nor ignorance/penance to be inferred. I appeal to the moderator Gods for forgiveness with such a long and off-topic post.


You're right but apparently Duolingo allows sentences that makes sense and sound similar - "Die Frau isst schon" passed.


shhh. don't tell DUO that, he will kill you


I translated this as: "The woman is attractive." Duolingo disagrees, but I think this is a fine translation.


"Attractive" and "beautiful" are not the same thing. "Beautiful" means "looks good". "Attractive" means "makes me feel attracted". For the latter, you might try "attraktiv" in German.


Hah, In America they are practically synonyms, with "attractive" generally being the more polite, distancing version. Interessant! Danke!


It is not the same telling your wife that a woman is beautiful than a woman is attractive


Culturally, perhaps, ... if the need should arise, I'd probably go with attractive.


Well, I'm in America and I use these words as I described. But everyone uses language slightly differently which makes it more fun.


If we were talking about say, a vase, there would be no difference in the interpretation of attractive or beautiful in English. Both would mean "I find this pleasing to look at." Would there be a difference in German?


I would say: "Die Vase ist schön, hübsch, sie gefällt mir." But I am not the visual artist, who could it call attractive and I would become sceptical if a seller it would call so.


I agree that they are synonyms but not that one is more polite than the other.


I disagree, at least in English. Just because something is attractive, doesn't mean it's attractive to just me, ... forget for a moment that attraction is subjective, because that ruins my point. :P If a news reader is on TV yammering on about how an attractive woman was killed, (humor me!) I don't think she'd be telling everyone that she finds the dead woman attractive. At least grammatically, something can be attractive, without having to add "to me" to the equation.

Das Auto ist attraktiv. Ich finde, das Auto attraktiv.


By the definition of 'subjective', 'attractive' has to be how a person feels about someone/something. In your theoretic context, the story would be propagandistic, with the term 'attractive' being used for the audience to think in the abstract. The listener would be forced to rely on their own opinion of attractiveness.


the meaning of SCHÖN: beautiful, nice,pretty based on the program. I translated: the woman is nice - and lost a heart. Someone makes us totally stupid.


In other discussions i've seen schön being used with bitte "bitte schön" how does this makes sense? is kind of an idiom?


in croatian there is molim lijepo --> please nice direct translation, it means (I)ask(you) nicely


Why is "The woman is handsome" not accepted?


Handsome is an adjective for men, as far as i know


You are correct, never new that handsome was for men only. Thank you.


you are welcome ;-)


It can apply to women too. Usually older women I think.


"Handsome" was applied to women (as a compliment) a long time ago [Link], but the meaning has changed over time. Now it's best to be avoided because it may come across as offensive. It implies she is unfeminine, or old enough that she can no longer be considered beautiful. (At least where I am from!)


Nice also should be accepted at least it is on the translation bar with two other meaning..


I wrote 'the wife is beautiful' and it was wrong. Can anyone help please with why it was wrong?


"Frau" means "woman", not wife.


Excuse me, but what does danke schoen mean?


saying 'thank you' in a more formal way. just like "bitte schoen" is saying 'you are welcome' in a more formal way.


Thanks for this. I had remembered the use of bitte schön and danke schön, but wasn't sure if it was for formal use.


What's the adjetive for "Lovely", "pretty" or "nice"? I mean, in French for example, there is "Belle" or "Beu" and "Joli/e", and they are different things, so is there a word for this in German?


Schön. If you specifically want nice as in friendly, it's Nett. Schön is used for both genders as well as Nett.


Thank you very much..Lingot


You are welcome, and thank you.


Is Schönberg literally beautiful mountain?


"(Ein) schöner Berg" or "der schöne Berg" would be beautiful mountain. Schönberg is a lightly changed name.


'This' or 'That woman is beautiful' would be, according to Google, 'Diese Frau ist schone'

Please explain to me why exactly it isn't 'Das Frau ist schone'

I know it has something to do with cases but am struggling to find information on this. Thanks in advance.

BTW, i can't type umlauts so sorry for any confusion.


The woman is pretty. Why is incorrect??


It's not. It must be a problem with the program.


Schön actually means pretty in the word itself. For example, if I said "That is pretty good" in that form of pretty, you would also say Schön.


Actually i dont gave german keyboard to put the O and A with two dots and duolingo doesnt accept it


ü = ue

ö = oe

ä = ae

ß = ss


At least in the web version there should be little buttons you can click to use the special characters. You may want to update Flash and your browser if those aren't appearing. If they aren't in the mobile version then I don't know what to suggest ...


duolingo has those to click on under the text box


I put the woman is pretty and it accepted it as right.


My LADY was accepted by Owl - fine!


a minute ago there was a sentence 'der mann ist schön' meaning the man is handsome, and now the woman is handsome wasn't accepted...


usually handsome is used to describe man...for woman we use pretty/beautiful


That is odd. Historically, 'handsome' would be used for anyone or anything. You should report the instance next time you see it.


Historically, yes. In modern day, not so much. Many women will take offence if you call them "handsome" because it implies they are not feminine or that they are too old to be considered beautiful. (At least where I am from, haha!)


schon mean also "nice"! Why not???/


I suppose it's one of those things where they were looking for what it would usually mean, as "Nett" is what is usually meaning nice.


Haha, the woman is handsome is accepted. giggle


NICE-BEUTIFUL are similar


I would think Schön could mean "Nice" when saying "She looks nice"


I said 'the woman's beautiful" & it was counted wrong. It actually was a typo


Die Frau ist schön

My mind: My crush (a woman) ist VIEL SCHÖN


Nice as the translation of schön should to be accepted as:

According to Oxford dictionary, the adjective nice refers to 'giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive'.

It is common to say: 'You look very nice today!' or 'This (person/thing) looks nice.' which do not include any personal trait observations, just the pure valuation of looks.

Also, does the word nice have to do anything with Nice, the city? This was historically called Nice la Belle which translates into Nice the Beautiful.


"good looking" doesn't fit?!


Same here, translated the woman is nice... And "nice" appears in the translations of "schon" anyway.


schon = beautiful and schoner = handsome? Is this right?


"Schöner" is the comparative of schön. It means more beautiful The superlative is "am schönsten" (as an adverb) and "der schönste, die schönste und das schönste" as an adjektive: Die Vase ist am schönsten (adverb after the verb "ist" (auxiliary) ). But : Das ist die schönste Vase." And handsome is "gut aussehend": He is handsome= Er sieht gut aus. Or: Er ist gut aussehend. And: Der gut aussehende Mann gefällt uns (we like him). In all three sentences is "gut" used as an adverb. Aussehen or (Er) sieht aus is a verb. Aussehend is a present participle and "der (gut) aussehende" is used as an adjektive.


This too should be included in the chapter flirting ...lol


Schön also means nice or pleasant.


I can definitely say this to a lot of girls here but my Duolingo app makes it practically impossible as i can't make contact with anyone


i translated the woman is pretty. wasn't accepted:(


I said that and it was accepted!


En la traducción ni siquiera pone lovely, pone nice y pretty. No estoy de acuerdo con el error, a veces pasa errores de verdad como aciertos y por algo que esta bien te quita una vida. Muy mal


I said the woman is good looking, which means the same thing as beautiful...

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