"I can read and listen at the same time."

Translation:Jag kan läsa och lyssna samtidigt.

January 7, 2015

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Could you also use 'på samma gång' instead of 'samtidligt'?


Why does "samtidigt" need to go at the end here? I thought adverbs needed to go after the first verb. ("Jag kan samtidigt läsa och lyssna.")


It can go there, but it changes the meaning to "At the same time, I can read and listen", with the connotation that you can read and listen while doing something else - rather than that you can both read and listen simultaneously.


Tack så mycket och en lingot för förklaringen!


Ok, back to english grammar. Why is this infinitive?


Don't we always have modal verb + infinitive?
can read = kan läsa


Oh, of course. Thanks!


Why do we need a på here but not in the sentence: «Jag kan läsa och lyssna på samtidigt»?


They're different types of words. It might be easier to see if we compare them with their English counterparts.

  • på samma gång = at the same time
  • samtidigt = simultaneously

So på samtidigt doesn't work because it sounds like "at simultaneously".


It told me the correct response was, "Jag kan läsa och höra på samtidigt."

Is there a reason why på samtidigt works with höra ? I don't really understand why it is acceptable, yet lyssna is not.

BTW, I totally understand your explanation, thank you for that, it is more that I don't understand why it works for one and not the other. Is it an error within Duolingo?


It's not because of samtidigt, it's because there's a particle verb höra (where is stressed) which means 'listen'. (höra on its own only means 'hear').

So you could actually say Jag kan lyssna och höra på på samma gång :D


Ah, ok. That makes much more sense. :D


I cannot mark the correct meaning when one only one option is visible and it is the wrong answer. This is happening repeatedly and I cannot complete an exercise when the half-baked page reappears for correction and cannot be corrected. Please DUO, this is very frustrating and buggy. Happening in Italian and Portuguese too.


There have been a lot of complaints about that since the redesign. The only advice I can offer is to post in the troubleshooting forums, and/or switch to using the keyboard for input instead of tiles. It really sucks.


It does suck. The keyboard option doesn't appear on the pages that are buggy, there's no way out except to skip the page and get it wrong. I'll look for the troubleshooting forum, thanks!


Oh, I didn't realise. Sorry to hear that. :(


Oh, here's the link to the troubleshooting forums, by the way: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647

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