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Accents don't seem to matter

Since I started the course I've been consistently to use the correct accents wherever needed. Recently I discovered that it actually doesn't matter. You can put it, not put it or use a different one entirely. I hope this isn't intentional. It shouldn't necessarily be counted as wrong, however it should at least give you a typo warning.

Thank you for all your hard work for the course!

January 8, 2015



It should be counted as wrong because it is. Those aren't accents but totally different letters. An Ä is not an accented A but something different, same for Å, similar for Ö/O.

The course is in beta. It probably will be possible to enter these letters via a virtual keyboard later, when it graduates. Hopefully a wrong letter will be a hard mistake, because that it is. An accent is mostly a hint, still obligatory, but not exactly changing the meaning of a word, so probably not a hard mistake (debatable, maybe this could be a setting or get obligatory after some time or amount of mistakes).

Different ladders change the meaning of a word.


Usually when I forget an accent for Spanish, it says Almost Correct instead of Correct, but it stills counts it as right. It tells me where I forgot the accent as well.


Apparently this isn't for Swedish, though it should be. Maybe they forgot to implement that part of the code?


The Swedish team has said that they're trying to get this feature implemented, but that they have to do it through Duolingo, which apparently takes some time.


Does anyone know how to post a photo in one of these discussions?


Not sure, but you can upload it to an image hosting site and give us the link. Personally I'm using lightshot, caputures a part of your screen and directly uploads it and gives you the link. Quick and handy.


Yeah... I'm probably going to add a Swedish keyboard to my collection of language keyboards and learn how to type the characters lol. It bugs me that I must type a instead of a with the circle on it. XD


If you do they US layout key [ = å, ; = ö, and ' = ä. Helps with the timed tests. I tried one once using the alt "shortcuts". I got 4 before I timed out.


Oh perfect that's the same as the German layout except å is ü on the German keyboard xD


Yeah if you're already familiar with the German keyboard layout the Swedish one is straightforward, and it doesn't have the z and y swapped so you can keep it in Swedish and type in English without getting mixed up as easily as with the German layout.


That's the thing, in Swedish (as of right now) it doesn't matter if you type a, a(circled), or ä.

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