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  5. "Ar ith tú le déanaí?"

"Ar ith le déanaí?"

Translation:Did you eat recently?

January 8, 2015



The difference between recently and lately? I was taught that le deanaí = lately. I was marked wrong for using lately.


British English would insist on the present perfect here. The inclusion of an adverb of time makes it pretty well compulsory. I didn't try it, because I thought Duo might throw a wobbly. "Have you eaten recently" makes sense to me.


We is this not have you ate


Because the proper English version is "Have you eaten?"


In seriousness, is "Have you eaten recently?" an acceptable translation, or is there a distinction in Irish between perfect and simple past as in so many languages?


It should be, yes. There's a distincion according to grammars, yet linguists (Ó Sé 1992) say it's more stative (i have it done) than resultive (i have done it)

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