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Really Good / Interesting Dutch Listening Practice Series

Here's the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0BCa9cKhn-V1W52ALrR5Q

I found it searching for "Dutch listening practice" and they have an entire playlist of listening practice exercises so you can test your skill: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_GMzGfcTSzHVBK9T-04MI-lAzIB253uB

And they upload videos every week or two talking about something in the Netherlands... Recently it's been holidays like some celebration at de Haven van Rotterdam and today it was Amsterdam Gay Pride.

If anyone is looking for listening practice this could help you a lot! It's fun. :D

January 8, 2015



Her Dutch has a very strong accent. Although there isn't really a standard way to pronounce Dutch I wouldn't recommened mimicking her pronunciation.


"welek/weleke" lol

Nah, the only thing I hear that is strong is the welek and weleke thing she says. Otherwise her pronunciation sounds right to me? IDK... To me the Duolingo pronunciation doesn't even sound like Dutch. I just mimic the Dutch YouTubers I'm subscribed to. My accent is probably a mix of regions.


Thanks a lot! I was wondering how I could improve my dutch listening skills :)


I tried Dutchpod (the program behind those videos) and it is a really nice program. I might check it out again when I max out with Duolingo :D


jij bent mijn licht in de nacht!


Thanks! It seems to be well suited for beginners like me, and they also give full transcript which I find super useful.


You can listen Dutch radio for to practice your listening. You can find some here: https://www.online-radio.nl/radionl Good luck!

<pre> I use NPO Radio 1. You can find the app easily in the App Store etc. It is normal speed dutch, so you won't necessarily get it all (I don't !), but topical and well worth a listen. Helps with 'immersion'. We are not all surrounded with people speaking the language unfortunately. </pre>
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