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Uno mas arbol que ha terminado

Hola Amigos y Amigas, estoy continuando practicar, y ahora lo intente el arbol de reverso.

Hace mas de 10 years (no tengo el accento con el "n" en mi teclado) desde mi "clase de espanol" y no me recuerde mucho. For the purposes of typing this mas rapido, I am going to switch to ingles.

Duolingo does a really good job of throwing linguistic spaghetti at your subconcious, and measuring what sticks. As other posters have said, it teaches you a lot, but not everything (why did the tree end at 78%?). Not having any college spanish, I had never seen the subjunctive, or the "line in past" as the guy from the language transfer project refers to the imperfect past tense. If there are people out there who are having trouble organizing all this information in your head, check his site out.


He puts out really high quality, short, FREE mp3s (10-15 minutes), which you can listen to while eating your lunch, or commuting to work, etc. Incidentally, if you have German on your to do list, and like the spanish (or arabic, or turkish, or whatever other course he teaches) tutorial, then donate a couple bucks/euros/chits towards buying him a new computer.

My biggest weakness with spanish has never been the memorizing of words, but rather the aural comprehension. It is really amazing how technology can change how we learn. Twenty years ago, who could have predicted you could learn almost anything for free just by searching youtube. I recommend the documentarios, (which another poster gave me the idea for). They speak slowly enough that I can understand them.

To keep myself motivated, I am going to be taking a week of vacation somewhere in Sud America in the june-july timeframe. I am currently thinking Nicaragua. According to a coworker, the Spanish is very clear, and the locals are becoming increasingly fond of tourists. I will post again after the trip if anyone is curious.

I think today I will start on german, hopefully from the position of an hablante of espanol. I am willing to bet that tree takes me longer than 68 days to complete. Lo siento por la lista larga.

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Congratulations and good luck. Have some lingots. Though know you don't need them

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¡Hola y felicitaciones! I can help you with Spanish and German :D

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