"Det är inte bra för industrin."

Translation:It is not good for the industry.

January 8, 2015

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is it not fine in English "is it not good for industry? " (no "the industry")


It can be, if you're talking in the extremely broad, SimCity sense. But it's more common to talk about only one industry (phone industry, tech industry, food industry, etc.), in which case "the industry" works fine.


However, it would be very unusual and not good practice to say or write "the industry" by itself. That is, in American English it is much more usual to omit the definite artcle unless the previous sentences specified which industry was being talked about, or the adjective specifying the industry prefaced the word, industry. I think both versions of the translation should be accepted.


I am fairly certain it should be [industri:n], not [industri:en].


You're right, the TTS is a bit wonky here.


I don't understand. You wrote it should be "industri:n," not "industri:en," but I don't see either of those words in this lesson.


I think the [brackets] meant they were trying to point out the TTS pronunciation. I guess it was pronouncing it as if it was written "industrien" instead of "industrin". I can't listen to it right now to see if it's been improved since the new TTS came out though.


That's right. It should be pronounced industrin. It actually sounded good to me now both in the slow and the normal version, so I think this was probably a problem with the old TTS where the new one is OK.


Would this Swedish sentence also mean "it is not good for industry" (i.e. all sectors of industry together, as opposed to one specific sector). This formulation treating "industry" as an uncountable noun (see also trade, business, commerce, etc) is very common in English.


I do not understand the difference between that and this, please explain


Det här or detta = this

Det där or just det = that


The lesson overview page has this new word listed as 'bilindustrin' rather than just industrin. I believe I can guess what it means :)


I remember that another word (roughly 70% down the tree) had exactly the same bli- prefix in the lesson summary, but not in the actual sentence. Maybe olycka, bilolycka ('car accident').


Why is the answer with "no good" instead of "not good" not accepted?


Should work - I'll add that. :)

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