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"Der erste Monat des Jahres ist Januar."

Translation:The first month of the year is January.

July 25, 2013



"In" the year? not "of" the year?


Right! I'm confused too. "des Jahres" is genitive, right? So, it must show possession when translated to English. right? "Of' was not a choice in the word bank, so I chose "in" and felt stupid.

The "Tips and notes" at the beginning of each lesson group seem to be written by people very knowledgeable in both languages. But, the sentences in the lessons and their translations don't give me the same confidence.

I would love to read an argument in support of the use of the word "in". Don't argue that it is OK to say it. Argue that it translates to "des Jahres" without some German preposition in front of it.


I think duolingo just forgot to include 'of' in the choice of words because in English des Jahres has to translate as 'of the year' or ' the year's '


"The Year's first month is January" should be accepted, no?


As a general rule, we use use [possessor]'s [possession] when the possessor is a person and [possession] of [possessor] when the possessor is inanimate, especially when it's abstract. Both ways are correct, but it's weird to say "the husband of my sister" and weirder to say "the year's first month".


Seems fine to me, except "Year's" should be "year's". It's not idiomatic -- that would be "The first month of the year is January,"


that's not normal english.


But it is not incorrect.


Can someone explain the difference between der (of the ) and des(of the) ?


Duolingo's Tips and Notes is a good source to explain the difference.


It depends on the gender of the owner of the thing. E.g "the cat of the man" - man is masculine, der Mann -> Die Katze des Mannes.

Note that the word after der/des (i.e. the owner) also changes.


des is masculine and neuter 'of the' der is feminine 'of the'


Can the Genitiv go first, as in "Des Jahres erste Monat ist Januar," or would the word/phrase order always be all the other cases first and then Genitiv?

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