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  5. "We have coffee and tea."

"We have coffee and tea."

Translation:Wij hebben koffie en thee.

January 8, 2015



Why cant this be 'heb' instead of 'hebben'?


We conjugate verbs:

  • Ik hebt
  • Jij hebt
  • Hij/zij heeft
  • Wij hebben
  • Jullie hebben
  • Zij hebben (plural)


Hi Merrie,

Thanks for the help, can you please let me know what is the difference between Jij and Jullie - both stand for YOU.. Also difference in Zij - as it can mean both she and they. When and how do we use? Your help is much appreciated.


Hi ManojPayan! You are welcome! ;)

  • Jij/je = you informal, singular
  • U = formal, can be either singular or plural (however, it never takes the 'plural form' of the verb!)
  • Jullie = you informal, plural (you all)

As for 'zij', you need to look at the verb:

  • Zij heeft - she has
  • Zij hebben - they have
  • Zij is - she is
  • Zij zijn - they are

And with a regular verb:

  • Zij werkt - she works
  • Zij werken - they work


'We have' - 'wij heb' - what is wrong in this sentence? Why 'hebben'?


In Dutch, verbs are conjugated. Using the generic verb "heb" with "wij", you would end up with "hebben" just as "wij eten" instead of "eet"


wij heb koffie en thee.. Y is this wrong? Why can't we use heb instead of hebben..


The verbs are conjugated in Dutch: ik heb, je hebt/heeft, wij/zij hebben, etc.

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