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  5. "My mother cooks well."


"My mother cooks well."

July 25, 2013



I write " la mia madre cucina bene " and for that they steal one of my hearts.Am I in wrong?


Singular family members don't require the definite article unless they're modified


O.K. I undestand this but I would like to know if the article is unnecessary either incorrect.Thank you.


It is incorrect, you won't find it in newspapers, no teacher would accept it... but some people do drop it in casual speech.


A bit more colour to this ... and an exception to the no article for close family members rule. I've encountered this sentence in the "Mark all correct answers" format. And one of the answers that they say is a correct one is "La mia mamma cucina bene". It looks as if mamma and papĂ  can accept the article http://blogs.transparent.com/italian/mia-mamma-o-la-mia-mamma/


I don't understand the rule for choosing "bene" here rather than "buona". I felt like I should write "bene" instinctively, but then thought about it and could not come up with why it was the better choice. I entered "buona" which was wrong. Could someone explain?


Think of it as the difference between describing an action and a thing. Bene is an adverb, it describes how your mother cooks. Buona is an adjective, it describes the soup she makes.


Ciao! I have a question. When speaking in Italian, do most people drop the article such as la tua acqua to just Tua acqua during casual talk


You always need the article except for close family members in singular, i.e.

  • la mia cucina
  • mia sorella
  • i miei genitori


Ah, that's it! Thanks mukka

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