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"Jag blev inbjuden till kräftskivan."

Translation:I was invited to the crayfish party.

January 8, 2015



It used to be called: -kräftkalaset- in my time in Stockholm. Gammaldags nu?


You can still say "kräftkalas" they mean the same. But "kräftskiva" is more common.


Tack så mycket, JrgenOlsso2!


I laughed so much at all the party hats and garlands with happy crayfish when I first saw it a few years ago... It's that I don't eat meat, but I love that this is such a big thing!


I think that in Louisiana such parties are called "crawfish boils." Potatoes and sausage are usually boiled in the same kettle, which is usually out of doors. And much beer is consumed (but you guessed that.)


I live in Louisiana, corn cobs, garlic cloves, jalapeños, and onions are often tossed in as well.


So.... Crayfish parties are a thing, then? Haha brilliant. This is why learning a language is great; you can learn the culture, too.


I didny know the word in english


Maybe you have heard of Crawdads? Some Americans call them that


That's right. In the northern U.S., the word is crayfish; in the south, it's crawdad.


Might be even more dialectal, in Kentucky we call them crawfish i think


Lots of fellow Scottish people say "didny" - they might not be American!


Fråga om kultur: so are crawfish/ crayfish a regular part of Swedish cuisine?


No, it's more of a seasonal thing. Today most crayfish are imported and can be bought all year, but the crayfish parties are connected to the time of year when it was permitted to fish crayfish.


I'd always imagined it'd be like eating miniature lobsters. Hot, maybe boiled with lots of Old Bay seasoning and served with melted butter. No. No.

Kräftskivor teach us why we fear the dark. What might well have been tasty in other circumstances has been transformed into little devil nightmares on a well-decorated serving platter. Cold as death, they have plainly been stewing for weeks in 100 proof formaldehyde. You crack them open with your teeth and suck the so-called "juice" out from the underside of the thorax. Eventually you grasp your host's repeated suggestion that you remove the "tråd" (or bajstråd) before eating the tail, but alas, det är redan lite för sent.

You politely remove yourself to the bathroom not once, not twice, but three whole times during the course of that evening, but for no reason other than just to try to scrub the förbannad "juice" stink from your hands.

Finally, smiling and waving good-bye to everyone at the end of the evening, you keep the car window rolled down all the way home, wondering if you have enough other clothes there that you maybe could just burn the ones you have on.


Do they eat the surströmming in these parties? :D


So crayfish have parties in Sweden? How sweet!


The crayfish are always delighted to be invited - and then horrified when they realise what a crawfish party actually entails! But by then it's too late...

[deactivated user]

    What's the difference between 'Jag blev inbjuden' and 'Jag var inbjuden', and generally the difference between Jag blev and jag var?


    Jag blev inbjuden means that somebody was performing the action of inviting you.

    Jag var inbjuden means that you were in the state of having previously received an invitation. The phrasing may also imply that even though you were at once point invited, you are no longer invited.

    That's the general gist of the difference as well, but of course, idiomatics may vary and the best translation might occasionally differ from the most literal one. :)


    Is this the correct pronunciation?


    Maybe not completely. The main stress should be on "ski". It sounds like she is emphasising the "van" too much.


    The main stress should be on kräft, there's too much stress on both ski and van.


    If there's Finnish people wondering what is this, I believe it's rapujuhlat


    In New England we have lobsterfests. It sounds like they are pretty much the same thing, just a difference in the size of the bug being eaten.


    Do you also wear silly hats and offer only bread, butter, and cheese to people who can't eat shellfish?


    I have to confess that I don't know. I've never gone to one. (I know! Heresy!)


    That's okay. I don't actually like kräftskivor. :)


    My husband says, yes, they do wear funny hats at lobster fests.


    That's really interesting, actually. I honestly had no idea this occurred outside of Sweden.


    Jag blev inbjuden - I got invited Jag var inbjuden - I was invited They translated it wrong here


    Actually, "I was invited" is a very common way of saying "I received an invitation".

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