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"Meu sonho é aprender a tocar teclado."

Translation:My dream is to learn to play the keyboard.

July 25, 2013



I think the correct would be to play keyboards and not the keyboard since there are many el. pianos


or just keyboard, especially since there is not article. make sure to suggest your answer is correct so someone will look at it,


Why do I have to use the article "the" here is the Portuguese does not use the article "o"?


When you speak about playing musical instruments, you need the article. For example:

  • He plays the piano
  • They played the guitar


Not true. In fact, I'd say w/o article is more common. Nothing wrong with "He plays piano" or "They played guitar"


That's very interesting, and contrary to what I learned in school.


this is one of those situations where either sounds fine. "I play the guitar. My sweetheart plays guitar as well, but I'm better, though she is prettier." Or, "I learned to play the piano as a child, but now I play keyboard in a rock band."


Does 'aprender' always take the article 'a' like gostar de" Otherwise I would think that one would say "aprender tocar" since tocar has the "to' built in. Just another ongoing confusion.


Where does mandatory THE come from??

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