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Native speaker support is seriously lacking...

Hello! I have just recently discovered this site and it's the bee's knees. However, it seems to automatically assume that my native language is English. There is no option anywhere for me to state that it is actually Portuguese.

So, in order to have the Brazilian flag show up beside my name in comments around the site, I took the Portuguese language placement test. "I should get at or pretty close to the maximum level of 25", I thought. Much to my surprise I was placed at level 11! All because I got three sentences wrong due to Duolingo's own intolerance to alternative, albeit still correct, ways of phrasing sentences that I had no way of knowning about, or just plain mistakes in advanced sentences.

I thus began the laborious enterprise of taking tests for each lesson in Portuguese, which I quickly gave up for being so tedious. I even failed one of them for the same reasons mentioned above.

Why is there no way to reattempt the language placement test? I do not agree at all with its assessment, as it has placed a skilled native user of the language as being below halfway to the maximum level! The site also claims that I can read "96.1%" of all texts in Portuguese, and I guarantee that I can read all of them, bar some complex legal language stuff.


July 25, 2013



Many people have asked to have some way to indicate one's native language, but Duolingo does not do this.

Often people will mention their native language on their profile.

My guess is that simply providing an icon to denote native language isn't as easy as one would think. For example, what language does someone choose when they grew up speaking two languages, ie bilingual.


Whichever one most identifies with, whichever one feels one speaks the most fluently, or whichever is spoken in one's country of birth. It's up to the person.


maybe your english is too bad :p

SCNR, i had the same problem with german... i reported tons of alternative translations and all were accepted. I guess it's just a matter of time till more elaborate & free translations are reported and accepted.


You probably meant "all weren't accepted".


nah, actually they all were accepted.


Then you didn't have the same problem :/


She got them wrong, then "Reported" them with alternate translations.

Now they are all accepted. So she did have your same problem, she just made sure to make not of them and message Duolingo specifically

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