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"I study physics, not literature science."

Translation:Ik studeer natuurkunde, niet literatuurwetenschap.

January 8, 2015



"literature science" doesn't exist in British English, as far as I know. I and wiki prefer "literary science":

"Literary science (German: Literaturwissenschaft) is an umbrella term, used in many European countries, for all kinds of scientific study pertinent to literature.The main branches of literary science are history of literature, literary criticism, and literary theory."


The Yanks don't say it either!


I wouldn't consider 'literary science' particularly natural for English either (at least not American English). We call all of those things listed just 'literature' or 'literary studies' if you want to get fancy.


I have never in my life heard the expression "literature science", it's either called "literary science" or simply "literature", yet "literature science" wins in a google fight with about 5 times the hits of "literary science". Very weird.


as far as i know "physics" = "fysica" in dutch as far as i know "literature science" = "literatuurwetenschappen" or "letterkunde"


Grandjeanluc.....what is "literature science"? Is English your mother tongue? I am a Brit and JcOmer1 is American...both of us consider "literary science" the more natural expression in English.


"Literary Science" sounds more natural. But neither of these terms mean anything in English anyway, so perhaps it could be better translated as "Empirical Study of Literature". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empirical_study_of_literature


"Physics" is natuurkunde though

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