"Drottningen har på sig en stor grön klänning."

Translation:The queen is wearing a big green dress.

January 8, 2015

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"But not a real green dress, that's cruel"


So why not: "Drottningen har en stor grön klänning på sig" I remember a structure like that in the clothing exercise.


That is also accepted.


Thank you me trusty penguin



Ooh! Finns en fruktansvärt söt artikel idag kallas "Estelle och Victoria i samma kläder"!!!


Oh man at first I thought that was from a couple weeks ago. No kidding I thought it was Victoria.


So basically, the word for "queen" in Swedish is "female-lord"?


In a sense, yes. The word drott originally meant e.g. an assembly of guardsmen - presumably it later evolved to mean the leader of such, and then to mean lord or king.


Okay thanks. I've never heard of this "drott" assembly. Is it similar to the þing?


No, it's more like the old hirð if you're familiar with that.


OK I see tack sa mycket


Why is great green dress not possible? It says so for the translation of stor?


Not idiomatic in English - at all. People would assume you were using great to mean “very good”. It’s just not used for the small things in the world like garments. “Great big dress” would work but it lends an informality to it. Actually I think “big dress” may not be all that idiomatic in English either but at least its meaning is clear. Big dress sounds ... uncomplimentary. “Gown” would probably be used instead, or adjectives like “sweeping”.


Before I heard the word Drottningen appear in Duolingo, I learned by listening to fairy tales in swedish that Drottning/en means queen, I just wasn't sure about the en ending but learning swedish in duolingo has helped me quite a lot.

Konungen means The king or kungen means also The king. In German König means King and Königin means queen in German so we don't have another word for queen we just use the same for king and add a female suffix "in" behind the word König, so it's Königin.

That's why I like that swedish has its own word for Queen.

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