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Automatically Connecting to Facebook

Hey Duolingo team (and community)! :)

I connected to facebook a little while ago so that I could post when I finished my German tree, but I don't want to be connected to facebook anymore and so I clicked "disconnect" in the settings. However, at random times it seems when I come back to my profile the little "f" sign is there and it says I'm connected again. I've disconnected it multiple times but it keeps on reconnecting. Is there something I need to do or is this a job for a duolingo troubleshooting worker? :)

Thanks! Clara

January 8, 2015



It is probably just a bug. If you want to report it to Duolingo click on the "support" button on the middle left side of your screen and tell them what is going on.


Are you saving the changes after disconnecting? Sometimes, the save changes option may not be active in which case you can do some slight change in some other profile details like bio or location and then save the changes.

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