"Do they live far away from you?"

Translation:Lever de langt væk fra dig?

January 8, 2015



there should be "bor"

January 8, 2015


I agree

September 6, 2015


I think it's supposed to be trick question. Lever is the most correct answer.

October 18, 2015


Why is Lever the most correct? : I assumed "bor" was to live as in to reside somewhere, whereas "lever" meant to live as in to exist. Surely this is talking about where they reside, not where they exist?

December 25, 2015


I am not 100% as i was a while ago, but I am pretty sure this was one of the check the box questions where you had to select all possible correct translations. The other two answers had something that made them completely wrong. Lever was used in a sense different then we are used to but could still be a translation from the English 'live'.. It's just the course creators keeping us on our toes!

December 26, 2015


"Lever" is incorrect, refers to existence. It should be "bor".

June 16, 2016


Well, they use Lever in the same way as Bor sometimes. I think this question is confusing

March 22, 2017


Ok, I see: til jer, the preposition is wrong :)

March 22, 2017
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