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'Finish challenge' button often missing

If I do a 'real world translation' within a lesson, sometimes the 'finish challenge' button is missing after rating, even if my translation was considered 100% correct, and I can only choose 'continue translating'. Today that happened quite often. I followed the same link to a real world translation (http://duolingo.com/#/skill/fr/Adverbs-2, number 12) four times. Three times the system considered my translation good enough, but in none of the cases the 'finish challenge' button was available. I still have to pass this lesson, while I already made three correct translations. Looks like a bug?

November 8, 2012



Just to say I'm having this issue too. I reported it via Feedback and got a message yesterday saying "Thanks, we'll look into this soon". So the Site Admins are certainly aware of the issue, anyway. I even translated all the available passages on one page to see if that did the trick - it didn't........... Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.


it does that to me sometimes. don't worry, if it is a bug, it will go away quickly.


I've been having this problem a lot this week. It's really frustrating.


I have the same problem as well. I'm getting really annoyed.


Happened to me too several times.

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