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Duolingo is amazing! How can we help it thrive?

Hello, I am a life long leader, reader and learner. I enjoy the challenge of learning new languages, and although I am quite new to this community I have quickly realized how significant the efforts of this organization are. The mutually beneficial purposes of language acquisition and information translation are an unprecedented combination.

So my question is how can we help, how can I help, what can I do to assist this community to thrive and this organization to succeed?

Sincerely, --- Jordan D. Ulmer

July 25, 2013

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Duolingo benefits from anyone using their internet site. Duolingo is constantly upgrading the algorithms for the lessons based on our performances. But, the immersion section is where Duolingo will start to become self-supporting. It is my understanding that Duolingo already has one paying client for whom Duolingo users are translating information.

So, use Duolingo to learn a language. By learning a language, Duolingo benefits.

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