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"La venta del coche fue rápida."

Translation:The sale of the car was fast.

July 25, 2013



Why is "The car sale went quickly" wrong?


I'll report it too (3/30/14). As soon as I saw that "fue" I automatically said "went," because that's exactly what you would say in English. The sale went well/quickly.


Never mind - Talca's comment about only being able to use "rapidamente" for "quickly" makes me realize I missed that clue.


Phoenix, Look at Raahiba's comment above. In another sentence rapido was accepted as an adverb. I think Duo needs to add another acceptable translation to the computer.

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It is both right and literal. I'll complain.


Sorry. There is no adverb in the sentence. But I only noticed that after I lost mi corazón. ...


'Rápido' is also used as an adverb in sentences like 'él corre más rápido que yo'.


In this case, it's rapidA, fitting the gender of la venta, which gives you a clue it serves as an adjective in this case. If the subject of your example was ella instead of él, she would still run "más rápido", altough she would be más rapida.

As for the use of "rápido" as an adverb, my Spanish dictionary lists it as being able to serve as an adverb only in Americas, while it says it's adjective only in Spanish Spanish, with rápidamente being the adverb version in Spanish Spanish. Good to remember depending on which version of Spanish you want to learn. :)


Great point. Then it should be accepted with this sentence too. I was being myopic and thinking mente forms defined adverbs. I am enlightened. Gracias.


It's wrong if you're trying to match the grammar (see my comment bellow), but not wrong if you're trying to match the meaning. Now what is more important, and what is "objectively" wrong is pretty murky...


Reported 19-1-2015 - I see somebody reported this almost a year ago, but Duolingo still doesn't accept 'went'.


Does anyone know if this is a good sounding sentence in Spanish? Because I don't think I'd ever say thins in English. "The car was sold quickly"? Yes. "The car sale went well"? Yes. "The car sale went fast"? Maybe. "the sale of the car" really bothers me, but "the car sale" doesn't seem like a good translation because it does not refer to the sale of a particular car...


Sí, suena bien en español. :)


gracias! esto es lo que quería oir. (though now I wonder if this sounds OK :-) )


De nada. Sí, también suena bien. :)))


Are there better ways to say it in Spanish? Such as a literal translation of "the car (was) sold quickly"


Because something sounds funny in English gives little indication of whether the Spanish is odd Spanish, IMO. There are MANY things in Spanish that need odd translations into English: all the tener expressions, the hacer expressions, the gustar expressions, many reflexive verbs, multiple negatives in a sentence, and more. ;)

But I hear ya. "The car sold in a hurry" works for me, but try that in Spanish and you'll probably end up with a passive or false passive, and the car will be selling itself. ;)


thanks! I just wanted to make sure I'm learning good Spanish :-)


how about "the car's sale was fast"?


Is rápida an adjective or a adverb in this sentence?


More likely "the car sold quickly", but that isn't currently accepted. I reported it, but they might not like it because it doesn't express the sale as a noun.


why not, "the sale of the car went quickly"?


I suggested that in the report to Duolingo. To go can be used in this sense. Without a doubt.


I'm a native spanish speaker, there is more than one way of saying this in spanish here is a few....first of all Carro and Coche are equally used in the americas...."el carro se vendió pronto" = "el carro se vendió rapido" = "se vendió rapido el carro" = "se vendió pronto el carro"


why not, "the sale of the car went quickly"?


"the sale of the car went rapidly", if dl suggested meaning of fue can accurately be 'went' in this context, then rapida would translate "rapidly." Si?


Can only "rápidamente" be translated as rapidly? No. Raabia (arriba) gave an example of rápida translating as an adverb in another Duolingo sentence.


Maybe that was the clue to interpret "fue" as "was."


benpdo, I put almost the same thinking "rapida" was "rapidamente" abbreviated. I realize now it's NOT and was therefore being used as an adjective describing "venta". (No accents).


I think in english the best way to say this is "The car sold quickly" Does anyone else agree? also I think this could also be said in spanish as "el coche se vendio rapidamente"


Why is it rapida instead of rapido?


"la venta" (the sale) is feminine


Why is it wrong "The car sale"?


Why is "The car sale was fast" wrong


I only use quick instead of fast and it was marked incorrect.


I would not say 'the sale was fast', rather, 'The sale of the car was quick'.

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