"Ele abria a garrafa."

Translation:He opened the bottle.

July 25, 2013

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The translation I was shown was "He opened the bottle" I've reported it as wrong; is there any chance I'm wrong instead?


it seems like the action is over in the past. (opened = abriu - 1st sing person) "abria" sounds more progressive,so "he was opening..." and "he used to open...", "he would open" (if we have a context) sound better. :)


Thanks Paulo. I'm doing the "Verbs: Past Imperfect" skill and was particularly confused by this sentence translated as simple past.


I'm on my 3rd attempt at completing this exercise, only because of really inconsistent accepted answers. He 'would' open the bottle in a certain situation. He 'used to open' the bottle in a certain situation. He 'opened' the bottle.... If this tense CAN mean any one of the 3, surely ALL should be accepted ?


i dont think "opened" works properly...

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