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  5. "Var är vargen?"

"Var är vargen?"

Translation:Where is the wolf?

January 8, 2015



Is E another way to write är?


People do that sometimes, it's a bit like writing u instead of you in English. It's not approved in the course and not considered 'correct' by anyone I think, but yes, it happens.


Came here to see who was putting Thåström lyrics into this course ;) Thank you for the explanation re: "e" v "är". I had assumed "e" was an abbreviation of some kind but the comparison to "u" v "you" is very helpful.


Thank you for that! I need to google more for your sentences :-)

Here a little piece of "our" folklore, don't know if you know this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyZgEygc9fs#t=38


Old favorite :)
PS: Swedish interpretation of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCby7C8Aea8


Interesting! Didn't think Vysotski would be translated to Swedish :-) How close is the text to the original? (I am wondering why so many people seem to have a hard time understanding the message... Or is subtext uncommon in swedish art?)


They did a whole show with Vysotski songs and toured the country with them. I think there are other translations too, or, one should probably call them interpretations. I haven't really checked how close they are to the original.
I think in this case the subtext is pretty easy to understand, but generally Vysotski is difficult, he takes on the voices of so many different people and uses so many colloquialisms. But I don't know what you're referring to when you say that a lot of people have trouble understanding the message?


Ah, yes, that's just because people are, ehm, not showing their most intelligent side on YouTube :)


Just from reading the comments (as far as I can). On the other hand, I just got caught up reading comments on some of the Russian originals, and it seems that there are enough people having a hard time with his texts even in their own language. Makes me sad.


Famous last words.


That's from "Young Frankenstein", right?


Yep. "Werewolf?" "There, wolf. There, castle." :-)


Is the "var" pronounced correctly here? It almost sounds like "vår", it's definitely a different A sound than in vargen.


I'm hearing, Voi



I thought vart was where? So is there an ett / en rule for var / vart?


Vart = where for movement ("to where"): Vart ska du åka? - Where are you going?
Var = where for non-movement: Var bor du? - Where do you live?


In grandmother's bed!


WAIT!! horror movie? I need popcorn...


When do use Var and vart? I get confused by the two


var for location and vart for direction, movement toward somewhere.
There's a post with more info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6330349


How ask "How manyeth president is Barack Obama?"

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