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"They maintain their direction."

Translation:Eles mantêm a sua direção.

July 25, 2013



Why is it not both acceptable for "They maintain their direction" to be 'elas' and 'eles'?


both should be accepted!


So is 'sua' related to the word diracao rather than eles and that is why it is sua and not suas? I would have thought since they is plural, sua would be as well. There is something here I haven't grasped yet... any help appreciated...


Possessive pronouns agree with the noun it is being referred to, not to the pronoun/subject in the sentence ;)


Thanks for your help; I must have learned that and forgot it...you are a very patient person...


Usually words ending with "o" are masculine, but I have seen several ending in "ão" which are feminine. is this a general exception to the general rule?


Most of words ending in O are actually masculine (but not a rule). As for ão.... well that's a matter of guessing!(ended in "ção" are usually feminine: a direção, compensação, emoção, etc) The plural can be "ães" "ãos" or "ões" (another matter of guessing: mãos, anciãos, caminhões, pães, mães, etc)


Thanks. Your help to everyone as a native speaker is very much appreciated.


Is there a rule how to build the plural of words that end with 'ção'? When is it ães, ãos or ões?


Unfortunately there is no rule.... =/


In my opnion duolingo needs to review this questa ele ou ela are correct

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