"I miei genitori sono cinesi ma io non parlo cinese."

Translation:My parents are Chinese but I do not speak Chinese.

July 25, 2013

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Very common where I live in California. I am one myself. Maybe likewise for all other East Asians who have immigrated to America. And this is a big issue because our parents push us to be successful in a new country but sometimes the mother tongue falls by the wayside. There is big family pressure to learn our mother tongue when we cannot learn it automatically from the markets, the streets, and the schools.


It's the same thing for me. Except I live in Australia, where many Chinese people are new immigrants; so people still expect us to know the language.

Which makes me think: I can't wait for Duolingo to finally have a Chinese course!


I speak Japanese and Chinese but I'm very sceptical about a DL language that uses a non-latin alphabet. There is a Russian course in the incubator but Russian "only" uses a cyrillic alphabet which is not that hard to learn. Japanese and Chinese would take that problem into a whole new dimension.


There is a clone out there. (Seen a friend's kid playing it). Not sure if it's Mandarin or Cantonese though.


Don't know. She was playing it on her iPad.



Has traditional and simplified settings. As far as I know, only Mandarin. Very similar to Duolingo in interface, but not as interactive.


Agree, I'm also from California but I've recently moved to China. I'm revamping my Italian studies as a relief from the constant stress of speaking Chinese.

Today I wrote an essay using Chinese. I translated it into Italian to make it fun for myself.


Hehe, sanctuary from the Chinese language in the Italian language.


Strictly speaking there is no language known as Chinese. Mandarin is the language that unites all China but otherwise there are as many other languages as you would find in Europe and many accents that people use to speak Mandarin.


i miei genitori sono cinesi quindi io parlo cinese, ma ho molta voglia di imparare l'italiano!


I'm latin and speak spanish. I'm learning french, italian, german and russian from english language. not too bad.


To add a comment that is actually relevant to the lesson, is Italian more likely to repeat "chinese" than English? Obviously no English-speaker would phrase this sentence like this.


Well, another way to say that is "I miei genitori sono cinesi ma io non lo parlo" (that is totally understandable) or maybe "I miei genitori sono cinesi ma io non so il cinese", but it sounds a bit odd.


Your first example would have been my guess, but the question is, does it sound totally fine and natural to native Italian-speakers to repeat the word like this?


My first example sounds better that what Duolingo says, but that's kind of right too.


Well one instance of it is the ethnicity, the other is the language, so you're not repeating the word per se.


i would say: My parents are from China but i don't speak Chinese. Not DL however !


Would "I miei genitori sono cinesi ma io non lo parlo" be correct?


Overseas born Chinese. Such kids are so common these days.


This kind of reminds me of Marinette


You can easily learn at language at home if your parents speak it to you at home, know by own experiences.... kids these days dont wanna learn tho. Too bad


Che tristezza!


This is very sad :( ...My mom is Russian and I can't speak Russian


Why is "speak Chinese" not accepted?


Shouldn't the end of the sentence "non parlo IL cinese."?

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    Why "don't" is not accepted and exclusively "do not" is expected?

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