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"My name is on the other list."

Translation:Mit navn er på den anden liste.

January 8, 2015



Why is it anden? I thought that when you have "the + adjective", the adjective takes the plural form.


Anden/andet/andre ("other" or "second" [ordinal number]) and egen/eget/egne (own) are exceptions to this rule


Why "mit" vs "min"


Navn is a neutral-gender (intetkøn) noun. The definite form is navnet.

[deactivated user]

    The tip says "my name is" is "jeg hedder". But it isn't accepted


    well.. In English introducing yourself with either "my name is" or "I am called" would translate to either "jeg hedder" or "mit navn er". But if you want to say explain to someone that "that name that is yours is on that other list" you wouldn't use the introductory phrase to express it. In this sentence you are just stating a fact, not introducing yourself, so "jeg hedder" would be very wrong.

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