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  5. "Typen passer ikke til mig."

"Typen passer ikke til mig."

Translation:The type does not fit me.

January 8, 2015



Yes, I think it should translate to 'It doesn't suit me' - I often hear 'fit' mistakenly used for 'suit' in Denmark and it doesn't work, also in this instance. Fit only works when something physically 'fits' (as in, it is the right size).


Something can "fit" abstractly as well as physically ("The school was a good fit for her.")


Yep, we basically never use 'does not fit me' in this sense in modern English; this is a stock phrase referring exclusively to whether clothes are the right size or not. We'd use 'isn't a fit for me', 'isn't a good fit for me', or something like that.


I'm a native English speaker, and I actually wrote 'the type doesn't fit me' when asked for a translation. Sure, it might be a bit clumsy, but it works.


A horrible clumsy sentence in English


Yes, too abstract! - what does it mean...?


What does that mean in English? Does this mean "It's not my type?" or "It's not my style?" Saying something does not fit me only makes sense for clothes that physically do not fit the body well.


I don’t know what the English sentence means even.


This is an exact translation of the Danish into English but is none the less a very poor English translation. It helps the student learn the Dansk but not how to correctly say the idea in English. In American English we would say that is not my style or that does not suit me.


I think if the meaning isn't entirely clear in english then it's not good for helping the student learn $other_language, because it doesn't actually give them a strong sense of what they've just read/said.


Good comment. Very true. The program’s English needs to be improved.


The coach and players were not a good fit. The applicants experience fit the position well.


Type is not used this way in English with the word "fit". Styles or specific designs do not fit me. Versions or styles do not suit me if I do not like them. But one never says that type does not fit me.

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