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  5. "Jag tycker om din stil."

"Jag tycker om din stil."

Translation:I like your style.

January 8, 2015



Note that "om" should be stressed here:
Jag tycker om din stil - I like your style

Vad tycker du om hennes stil? - What do think of her style?


How would one say "What do you like about her style?"?


Vad gillar du med hennes stil?


Is a construction with tycker om possible here?


Yes, sure. Vad tycker du om med hennes stil? Either way it would probably be more natural to add a det :
Vad är det du gillar/tycker om med hennes stil?
Or you could say Vad är det i/med hennes stil som du tycker om/gillar?


Thanks, it makes more sense now. Initially, I was a bit confused by the fact that stil already had a preposition (med), but then I realized that om was linked to the interrogative/relative pronoun instead (vad, det and som, respectively, in your examples).


Yes, it's like about in 'what do you like about her style' – you need it in English too.


Even in slow din stil sounds like vinstil. Since that is not a Swedish word I've heard yet I finally got the right answer. Even knowing it, I still struggle to hear the d or the space between the two words.


What, if any, is the difference between gillar and tycker om?


gillar can be a bit more colloquial. There is no other difference.


I really have to object to the clear pronounciation of the first three words and the muffled repeat of the last two words. I have invested considerable time +++and mostly pleasure+++in devoting hours a day to this endeavor, but feel most frustrated to be unable to clearly hear the speaker+++though I have the most up+to+date Dell laptop on the market. I have tried to rise to the challenges and feel great pride, more recently, of the competition to achieve PERFECT on many lessons. And while I am at it, the same criticism is directed at the deliberate speed used to repeat phrases for which the only source is the audio provided. After fifteen months of almost daily practice, I am on the verge of dropping the whole exercise.


Are you sure it's not just the rather exotic pronunciation of long i in Swedish? It sounds more retracted than English ee; I think they hold their tongues in a different position.

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