Announcing Duolingo for Schools!

In response to thousands of letters from language teachers and education ministries from governments around the world, I’m happy to announce the launch of Duolingo for Schools.

Since Duolingo requires no begging for funding from administrations (non-existent in most cases!), many language classrooms in the US and abroad had already begun using it as a technological companion. The governments of Costa Rica and Guatemala, for example, recently started pilots in some of their public schools, where teachers with high English proficiency are scarce.

Some teachers have even restructured their entire curriculum to synch with Duolingo’s. “The gamification really works with the kids and opens up an opportunity for them to reinforce what is taught during instructional time. I am the only foreign language teacher at a school of 750 students. We have been using Duolingo this year, and I'm seeing really novel results,” commented Said Kassem Hamideh, a Spanish High School teacher at Washington High School of IT in Milwaukee.

The launch of Duolingo for Schools means educators will finally have a dashboard to track student progress in a consolidated manner… but that’s just the beginning.

In the near future, The Dashboard will help teachers understand each student’s learning needs at a level of detail previously impossible. By tracking patterns across incorrect answers and moments of hesitation, Duolingo can provide insight into each student’s areas of difficulty and provide immediate feedback in order to maximize in-class productivity. The goal is to provide a personalized learning experience to each student and free up teachers’ time to concentrate on difficult concepts, answer questions, and assist students falling behind.

I’m excited about this launch and hope we can have a big impact in the educational system around the world.

January 8, 2015


Looks awesome! But can I recommend making it more clear that that minus sign in the top right will remove the student from the page, requiring them to accept the teacher's invitation again? A warning message would be great!

It may also be helpful to be able to hide certain courses... if one of my students decides to start another language course on her own, I as the teacher may not care about seeing her progress in the other language.

Thanks for this; very exciting!

January 8, 2015

Hiding certain courses would be really helpful indeed. I am not a teacher, but I wanted to compare my results with those of my mother, to help her with her Spanish, but I learn eight languages on duolingo actively, so it takes up a lot of space... Since sections are available, it would be great to pair sections with learned languages (or base-learned language pairs).

Edit: It would also be very useful, if a student could set several teachers, or the same teacher with several sections, in case the student is actually learning several languages at the same time. Otherwise if a student is learning two foreign languages at school then only one teacher will be able to see this student on the dashboard, the other not.

I totally clicked that thinking it would collapse the progress.

They should move the delete button, add a confirmation. And make it so the minus button does collapse the progress! Some of the users have very long lists.

Usagiboy, I didn't know you were a teacher! :) Kudos to you.

Oh! Teacher is too high of a status to apply to me. Japanese has a word called "senpai". It is for someone who is a slightly advanced mentor? As for the school feature though, I am just testing it out and invited a friend. The university students I work with won't be on Duolingo until the Japanese for English speakers course arrives. Someday though, I would love to be a teacher for a community college. I really like working with people and seeing what we can learn together. ^_^

@Darwin: no, I am a native English speaker. I also learned Spanish and Italian while studying at a university. Swedish is my first experiment using Duolingo as my main learning tool; and even there, I am also using some Pimsleur, Mango, and plan on watching films.

Hi Dana, Id take those Danish and Irish icons off my profile if I could. I was just seeing what those languages were like. I don't personally use movies too much for learning languages, but then again, I prefer reading or working on the computer to watching a film. I just check them out from the library, keep them three weeks, then the day before they're due I watch one of them. :) A librarian I know told me her son speaks about a dozen languages and he learned them by watching movies. So it probably can be a great tool if you enjoy it. Definitely you have to deal with listening comprehension, and you'll be exposed to correct accents.

As a beginner I haven't found movies to be a terribly effective language learning tool. I do hope (and expect) however that once I get far enough along in my language skills in duolingo I will be able to use movies to hone my listening comprehension.

That being said I suspect a child would be more likely to be able to learn a second language from movies than an adult.

I see you have a very long list of languages! :) In your experience (besides Duolingo), which other language-learning tool has been most effective? I saw you mentioned watching films. Does that help as a beginner? Maybe foreign language picture books???

i notice that you have a 404 day streak, did you really become this proficient in English just by using dulingo?

thanks for giving us the opportunity that works even if you don't have internet

I took both German and Spanish in high school, so this would have been a concern for me.

What a great idea ! It is obvious that you care deeply about Duolingo in the schools , this is very commendable !

I agree with the minus sign warning. Curiously I clicked it and to my detriment I deleted the person I was "tracking".

The same thing happened to me.

I think this Idea is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Amazing! I'm now hoping we can create some sort of forum for teachers to share the resources/strategies that they have developed. I myself am a 7-12 French teacher and have been using Duolingo with my students for over a year now.

To this point I've developed a series of supplement packets, a huge classroom sticker chart with all the lessons and students on it, and a more detailed breakdown of how I use Duolingo. I can share those again if other teachers are interested.

In terms of specific feedback for the new system, it'd be great to have a breakdown of the specific days available (maybe a line indicating the different days on which practice was done).

In any event, this is great. Thank you once again for all that you all do!

Some other posts I've made (if you're so inclined):

General Thoughts on Teaching/Hoping for a Forum:$comment_id=6330121

Classroom Sticker Chart:

One of my student's ideas:

Yes, I would like to have those two things:

1) A forum for teachers

2) The ability to see their "daily" practice.

This year, I gave more points if students were doing a lesson per day instead of five lessons in one day, as students will retain more if they practice a little every day.

So, I would love to see that feature added.

There is a userscript that shows daily progress in bar form, and it's really nice. However, it hasn't been working for me lately, even though I've tried reinstalling it.

Yes, I was using the userscript as well, but it doesn't work for me either now. I prefer this platform, though. Much better.

I wish they would show this information in Duolingo.

Yes, so true! Have some lingots!

Thank you for being a teacher, and thank you for being a teacher that gives their resources to others!

For those looking for ways to get around the "not having email" issue for students. If you have a google account you can create kinda-child email addresses using the "+" trick so "". You will still receive all the emails at and you can even just filter them into a folder.

Voilà email addresses. I used this to create an account here for my 8 year old daughter last year.


If you have "" you can signup for another account with Duolingo by using "" as the email address. This should work for any google hosted email address. Using google filtering you can tag/color/filter these emails if you wish so they don't clutter your inbox.

You can repeat this for as many accounts as you need.

As a homeschooling mom, I love this. I have an 8 year old doing Duolingo, and a 5 year old who will be starting in about 6 months, so having "Duolingo for Schools" is incredibly helpful in keeping track of their progress.

Oh that is fantastic! My siblings and I are all homeschooled and I will certainly be showing my mom this. :)

I, too, homeschool. This will be great for those summer months when I don't want my boys to forget what they've learned during the year. Can't wait 'til Russian is up and running.

If you think you can get them to stop....

I am also homeschooling... I have an 8 year old and a 12 year old doing it. So far, Duolingo for schools has been helpful. It has shown me that my 8 year old is making excellent progresss... and my 12 year old... has been doing a lot of "strengthen" exercises. They both have a point goal to achieve every day.

In addition, I'm thinking that not only for parents who homeschool their children, but just any parents who would like to be "more involved" in their children's language-learning process - kind of like Khan Academy has its Parent feature; I envision this tool maybe being used by lots of parents worldwide!!

This is amazing! As being a homeschool child this is very easy and sufficient to use. Easy language learning program.

This is great! I've figured out that you can add yourself as a teacher and then keep track of your own practice sessions through the Dashboard. It's handy, and I'm sure it will be incredibly useful for teachers. :D
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I did the same LingoGirl ! I just had to see what it would do.

I did the same and it works! Nice!

As a safety conscious teacher my question ( an obvious one ) is - are there any risks to students? Will anyone be able to contact them or get access to their email through duolingo? Are their email and their identity safe on duolingo?

I believe their info is as safe as they keep it. Make sure you tell them to practice smart online behavior. They should use an alias, never post personal information, never give personal information out online, don't post their picture, etc. As for Duolingo, though, they're not making any of that information public as far as I can tell.

I am a 5th grade teacher. I do not even want my students to have e-mail addresses so they can send or receive e-mails. I would prefer them to just be able to access duolingo for language learning. It would be great to have them have a sign in under my class with only a username and password without needing the e-mail for their safety.
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So GranjeraDeCacao , did you understand what curlyeric has said with the emails? and that mattcolor repeated?
They are saying your students do NOT need to have an email address. You can allocate an email address - if:
1. you have a gmail account.

1.1 If you do NOT have a gmail account, then to create one, click here . This link will take you to where you can open up your own gmail account. Or you may want to open up a special gmail account for you as a teacher.
For the sake of this example, lets say you open up a new email account, and you are able to get the account name of .

2 . Now you have a gmail account, you can set up duolingo accounts for your pupils - and give them the email accounts within duolingo , such as:
.... etc. Then you just check the communications that gets sent to your email - in this example, you log into your gmail account as (plus your password of course). And your gmail account will also be sent any emails that are sent to the students from duolingo.

SO - there exists in reality only ONE email account - YOUR email account All the students emails get sent to YOUR email account. All the students in duolingo have a unique email address - but this email is a 'child' of your only ACTUAL email address of .

Please let me know if this above explanation makes it clearer for you. :)

Gmail doesn't offer traditional aliases, but you can receive messages sent to For example, messages sent to are delivered to

You can set up filters to automatically direct these messages to Trash, apply a label or star, skip the inbox, or forward to another email account.

source: Gmail help page Using an address alias
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Thank you sadhrw ! I am so glad to know more about this ! For all sorts of reasons - that makes so much sense.
Please remember anyone reading this - that if you do not understand what sadhrw has said - then - the SILLIEST question is the one NOT ASKED !

To that end, I'm going to copy and paste a very useful post by curlyeric above in case you haven't seen it:

For those looking for ways to get around the "not having email" issue for students. If you have a google account you can create kinda-child email addresses using the "+" trick so "". You will still receive all the emails at and you can even just filter them into a folder.

Voilà email addresses. I used this to create an account here for my 8 year old daughter last year.


If you have "" you can signup for another account with Duolingo by using "" as the email address. This should work for any google hosted email address. Using google filtering you can tag/color/filter these emails if you wish so they don't clutter your inbox.

You can repeat this for as many accounts as you need.

I think the ability for users to follow each other and post to activity feeds is a definite problem. It bothers me that I don't have to accept a follower and that I can't set my profile to not allow people to post to my activity feed. Yes I can block, but that has to be done for individuals. In other words, I have to opt out of each person that follows me, rather than being able to opt in to people who can post to my feed.
I think this is a real issue for bringing in younger users. (There was a large scale prostitution ring operating in an area near us a couple years back. It used social media to bring in high school and younger girls. This was a top school district that was not what you would have considered typical for this sort of criminal predation.)

I believe we have to teach them how to behave, not just the specific subject of our specific areas. That include apparently trivial things such as what is acceptable and what is not inside our classes, as well as what is safe in the internet.

The question is close to what one would do in front of your own house. A forum is much like a wall where you can put some information, if you wish. I would never put my personal data outside of my house, nor in some public forum in the internet.

I think it is our job to teach them how to behave safely, including when using computers. Which leads to another tought. Proper education is much more effective than any computer system.

The question is: how do we teach them to behave in a safe way?

When I plan my classes, I always think about which are the specific skills they need to learn. I guess I need to start thinking more about that issue, too.

Regards, Paulo

1) Suggestion: Teacher can edit student's name on the dashboard (reason: students often have obscure emails such as which makes it difficult to follow seamlessly)

2) Love the idea of linking to the student dashboard by clicking on their names! 2 Thumbs up.

3) Love the program. Thanks Luis and Duo Team!

Yes! I have spent LOTS and LOTS of my time combing through my list of friends/students in order to search for/VERIFY their current levels. I would like their names alphabetized and to not have to click on each individual user to see their current level. Hopefully, the dashboard will help with all of this.

Yes, you're right. I support your suggestions! A. It would be nice to have the names ordered alphabetically or on number of points last week.
B. For each student let's add the language level summary which is used in the discussions:
Alt text

I am trying to set up my classrooms and cannot see the student's level - nor can I click on their name to see their level. How are you doing that?

Thank you for working so hard to gather feedback and follow through with this feature! So many kudos to Team Duolingo! :D

Edit 1: Just a quick feedback, invite emails are generating a 505 Bad Gateway message, both the one I sent to my friend and the one my friend sent to me. I'm on Chrome/Windows 7. Any news on these errors yet? Thanks! ^_^

Edit 2: Looks like discussions and such are also having troubles at the moment. Maybe the 505 error will go away when the other pages get less twitchy. crosses bunneh toes

Edit 3: Link that previously resulted in 505 is now working. Thanks!! ^_^

Suggestion: Please consider adding dates next to the stats so we know when members of our class earned points in a certain skill? I currently only see a date a week at a time instead of any individual days. no dates for individual day XP classonthemoon school feature

how do you add a picture...xD

I teach elementary school. It would be nice to have students log in creating a user name and password in my class without needing an e-mail. Most of my students do not have e-mails, but would benefit from learning another language at school using duolingo.
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Please click on the word HERE to take you to an explanation that addresses this issue you raise.
Please comment under this thread - that is lnked above , by clicking on the word HERE- if you still do not understand it.

It seems a 'fake' email address should work - no confirmation link or anything is needed. Just if a password is forgotten there might be an issue.
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Please do not use a 'fake' email. It is a very silly thing to do. There is another way around it, as explained above. Click HERE to go to that explanation.

Idea: one of the accomplishments I try to put value on in my class is a golden tree. Regardless of where students are in the tree, I always encourage them (and base part of their grade) on the current status of their tree. Doing a lesson an initial time compared to doing it repeatedly has so much more value (thanks to that wonderful algorithm).

With that said, I'm wondering if it would be possible to have some indication of current strength of the skills that students work on somewhere on that dashboard. Whether it's an indication of the current strength of each lesson next to the lesson name, or I don't know what, it'd be great information.

To this point, I use one of the userscripts that allows me to see everybody's tree--but incorporating this kind of information into that dashboard could be invaluable.

Also, I'm wondering if Duolingo is working on another algorithim to start measuring time spent on lessons. I know that Lingvist (a must use for all interesting in learning French) uses one that must involve mouse movement, keyboard activity, idol time to ensure that the timer should (or should not be) moving, but I'm wondering how applicable to Duolingo something like that could be.

Still, even if you were to leave it as it is now, the dashboard is extremely valuable for my tracking purposes, and also for students. Thanks again!

I like the golden tree accomplishment idea. That's very nice. As someone who has tried to keep my strength meters up, I know it's a big challenge!

I'm going to bet that the dashboard is in its infancy at the moment. If Duolingo takes the same approach with this that they have with everything else, it will eventually become a virtual playground of learning metrics.

I love the idea of the showing strength/percent of maintaining a golden tree as well!!!

Thank you so much! I use it with college students learning Spanish. I am actually conducting some research about it, to see if it can replace more traditional forms of homework.

I think one simple thing that's missing from this feature is a link from the main site to the schools feature. I mean the only way a new user would know of the existence of the feature is to google it. Or perhaps dig through the settings.

A couple of other things are also missing such as:

  1. A small FAQ;
  2. A method of inviting several people at once; and
  3. A method of setting weekly/monthly/daily challenges.

Perhaps a way to display the clan/group/section on the person's profile making it easier for the teacher to know they are viewing the right account. Another thing worth doing is perhaps generating a unique url (using a unique hash) that doesn't include one's email address, as this is breaching Duolingo's own guidelines, and people have begun to share their invitation in public (which include their email).

Also, it would be good to have a button to stop people from seeing my stats after they start. If I allow someone to see my stats, there is no way for me to reclaim privacy without that person's permission.

You can't go to Progress Sharing under Settings and clear whatever emails or sections/classes you're sharing with?

This will be good for Computer Lab, though I don't think it would be so great for classes ( where I live ) because we obviously already have books and we learn English and Spanish differently than this system. But we could show the students so they will use it at home, after school in the labs / library or during their club if it involves computers so they can learn new languages! Very helpful! :D

Thank you so much -- it's WONDERFUL! I thought of a feature I would like to see added eventually: it would be very useful to be able to click on any student's icon and have that link to the student's profile. That way I could see a lot more info, including their trees and comments in discussions (as well as daily progress - I've got a userscript). Anyway, this is awesome; better than expected. Thanks again!

Answering my own question: on dashboard the usernames and email addresses both function as links taking the teacher to the student's profile page. Idk if it was like that in the beginning or if they implemented it recently, but thank you!

Even though I'm not a student as of such, my fiancé who is helping teach me Dutch has enabled this so he can easily see my Dutch progress without having to scroll through my profile :P So thank you! This feature seems awesome already :)

My school already has duolingo so yeah :-)

I go to the same school as her and we do a lot of duolingo

As a French teacher, I love Duolingo and have been using it for a while as an alternative to homework. For me, the dashboard is less helpful than I had hoped in that at the moment it only allows the teacher to track a student's weekly progress each week without a total xp column, thereby requiring the teacher to access the student's account directly for that information. I would suggest adding an additional column, or a page that tracks the total points overall.

I ask my students (my kids) to get a certain amount of XP per day. I just follow them and it tells me how much XP they earn.

How many XP do you require/day? trying to come up with ideas for my class.

My 8 year old is supposed to do 30 a day. My 12 year old is supposed to do 50 a day. I figure that they can do this many points in an hour's worth of work, and this is their main foreign language instruction (outside of me talking to my son in Spanish and my husband talking to my daughter in French). I think that they get it done faster than this now that they know how to do things, but I don't want to burn them out.

My 8 year old is more into the language thing than my 12 year old, and will sometimes do more.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect my students to me via the new dashboard. I've generated a link called Period1 but when I go to my test student accound and go to Settings/Progress Sharing and paste in the link under section/class, nothing seems to happen. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi arizbea,

This post HERE has some troubleshooting tips. I'm just about to update it for clarity on this matter. I hope this helps! ^_^

EDIT: Link fixed!

Is there a facility on the dashboard for the teacher to manage multiple classes - and to keep these records in class groups and in alphabetical order (a very helpful element for record keeping of grades and completion) , or does it aggregate all the students who are invited by the teacher into one group in the order in which they are invited/accepted?

Class segregation should be possible using Section.

Yes but then only ONE section shows at a time. I cannot figure out why the All Students will not show both of my classes.

I'm also interested in this question. I have over 400 students to track and will have them again in a different grade next year. I would like the ability to have a master alphabetical list and the ability to designate a class, but be able to change that class designation next year. Thanks for all you're doing at Duolingo for language learners!!!

Doulingo should not be used to teach a language in place of solid curiculum

Who said it would. It's a tool to use not the class itself.

I am loving the teacher edition - as are my students! One thing that would help, though, would be a setting for a weekly goal in addition to the daily goal. My students have to complete a certain number of XPs a week, and it would help them stay on track. Thanks!

I really hope my school switches to this great looking system! Thanks Duo team once again for another great update! Happy learning y'all! :D

This is so awesome! Thanks duo for all the great materials! It's awesome that we are progressing so quickly! I am just so exited to be part of this learning experience.

Looking for help from a fellow ESL teacher--what language course do you choose for students who are learning English, but don't speak a supported language, such as Somali? I'd really like to use this in my classroom, but can't figure out what course to use!

Greetings! I'm a French teacher but work with several ESL students. For many students, we use French as a tool to actually learn English. The grammar and vocabulary required is great practice, and once you start doing reflections with the students as to why we translate as we do or why verb forms change, you can get a really interesting conversation going on language.

With that said, the best case scenario would be a new course involving teaching English from Somali (or countless other variations), but their are limitations to that.

Not sure if this helps but just one person's thoughts there!

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, my students who speak non-supported languages (Somali, Burmese, Chin, Karen) aren't learning any other languages, so it would be impossible for them to use French/Spanish/whatever along with English. I guess I'll just have to wait and hope they roll out an English-only program...

If you know people who are fluent in two languages, they can apply to help build a course through the Incubator application.

If any of them speak a second language other than English, they might be able to ladder over to English, it is what some people on Duolingo have done. This means to use ones primary language to learn another language. And then from the new language learn yet another language.

oooh I hadn't heard of the Incubator application. I'm getting right on it to help build the Chinese (Traditional) course!! :)

Hmmm, that's an interesting thought. Has anybody suggested it? An English-only program? They'd have to use a lot of pictures and simplified language. I remember once I thought I could learn Mandarin by doing the reverse tree and I immediately discovered I had made a mistake. It was a real challenge just getting out of there! :P (Usagiboy, I wish you had been by my side, you would have rescued me)! :)

Wow! I'm not a teacher but I am happy to see duolingo supporting formal education. I wish i has it when I was in school.........80 million years ago !!

I love that this would work for any teacher: whether at a school or college, and for homeschooling parents, tutors, mentors, etc.


It's an interesting idea, but I think it could have a ways to go. Certainly, it's a great idea, and it could certainly help. But using it as a core resource might not be that great idea. I take french at school (this is my second year, soon to be my fourth semester of it) and also practice some french at duolingo. Most of my teachers have lived in the area that they teach for several years (Chinese teachers are from china, french are from France, Spanish teachers are american but they lived in mexico for several years). We have good resources, including online resources from houghton mifflin along with the textbooks. I know one of the spanish teachers has used it since the start of the semester at my school, but it's mostly for practice. They pretty much use it for just that, practice. I don't know if they require one lesson a week or what (since I'm in french, and not spanish), but, anyways.

I think it's awesome, it will certainly help for some schools who could have some trouble. And I'm sure some schools could certainly use it as practice. But from what I've seen from both aspects of the perspective (or best as I can, I'm just a lowly high school student :P) I think I'd prefer my school's teaching to Duolingo. Again, not to say I don't love Duo.

Anywho, I love the idea, Duo is always growing in new branches besides new languages and it's awesome. So thanks for this luis, and I'm excited to see it grow :)

Thank you for making the very useful Duolingo for Schools addition to your program. I began using it yesterday morning with my classes and it was very easy to set up. I see many suggestions below which I support. Also, it looks like more improvements will the coming to the Dashboard and I am excited to see what is in store. Thank you for making this excellent resource available to all!

The current tree will get you to an A2 level for certain (I am almost there and finished my tree a month ago), and perhaps with a lot of practice to a B1 level, but since that requires a lot of time spent after finishing the tree, it looks to me that the duolingo standard tree is not really suited for an B1 level and since B1 is the threshold for most school, I really hope there will be an extension of the current tree to improve to a B1 level or even a B2 level.

Hello all,

I am also a teacher and I think this idea is JUST GREAT! I work with computer science (Brazilian Portuguese).

I agree that a forum for teachers would be a valuable resource.

The ability to see daily practice would be very important.

In my school, several students are traveling to study abroad for about a year. There is a government program to help sending students to study in other countries.

And one of the more complicated barriers is the English language. For most of them, learning a new language is complicated (and costly! specially here). If we could track (closer, with more info) and help students during their learning efforts, that would be amazing.

One of the tools I use to teach here is a learning tool called Greenfoot. It is focused on the Java programming language and it helps to teach by providing a programing environment wich helps the student to learn.

They have a forum for teachers which is called the "Green room". Here is the link.

Basically, we can share resources, discuss teaching efforts and develop new material based on documents from other teachers. In many cases, someone creates an activity or exercise and another teacher can use by just translating it to his/her own language.

Being able to "like" resources would also be very useful, so we could easily find out the more popular documents to use promptly.

Besides, adding some form of "tags" would also help, because we could use those very same resources to teach both another language AND some subject. This is particularly important when there is some specific jargon, related to the area.

For instance, when we talk about computer architecture or operating systems, some expressions (such as "embedded system") are very specific of that particular area.

Another idea is to have a forum for students, so students can share ideas and discuss what to do in a public mailing list. Currently I use google groups for that. Every one of my classes has a specific group and students send questions and resources to the group associated to the subject. This way it is easy for them to help each other and to learn from someone else's mistakes. -> suggestion given by ldunn288.

The idea of having a way to properly identify (or tag) a student seems good. Sometimes students use cryptic names, which makes them difficult to identify. This is something we could be able to do without control or interference of the student. If I name a student "Jim - first row, yellow backpack", that would be something that would be visible just for me. Regardless of the actual email, nickname, photo or anything else. Some students have fun by changing their profiles every week. Tagging them (in private) would solve that. -> suggestion given by HHSML.

Further, I wonder if Duolingo is willing to adopt some kind of public bug tracking system. Any ticket system such as trac or bugzilla could be a great way for us to stop adding suggestions as unstructured text (such as this one). And to start giving feedback through a system which was specifically designed for such task. In case you are interested, here is an introduction.

I am sure Duo has some kind of internal bug tracking system. It is just too professional to not have one. Bug I am talking about something that is PUBLIC. That users can just jump in and ACTIVELY COLLABORATE. I am talking about the open-source way of doing things. A massively collaborative effort from expert teachers, interested users, savvy coders and more.

If you really want it to become something big, it is absolutely necessary to consider that option. I am serious.

I am NOT talking about a private effort or a big company with closed resources.

I am talking about leveraging all the power of this thrilling comunity to foster and help your development efforts. I am talking about an impressively aggresive development speed.

Would you dare such a bold move? I have no idea.

But I challenge you do try that.

And this is just the beginning. Now it is your turn.

Regards, Paulo

Very interesting! Thanks for your suggestions. I've applied for a Greenroom account and am looking forward to finding out what it can offer. As far as bug tracking, I believe DL has both an internal and a user-reporting tracker; the latter is inefficient. When we detect a bug, we can hit the "report a problem" tab, or post a discussion under "troubleshooting in English." The former method goes through some sort of automated filter, and sometimes you will get some answer which is totally irrelevant to the problem. The discussions forum is equally ineffective. I posted there last week and the only help I got was from another user.


I am glad my post was helpful for you.

Greenfoot is very nice to teach Java and OO programing, but it is also a very interesting platform to quickly build functional programs in a easy way. Hence, it can be used to teach a lot of other subjects too (as long as you are willing to program it or reuse its examples).

The Greenroom is a nice example of the kind of forum I would expect here. Not as public as I would like, but very nice anyway.

About your opinion related to bug tracking, THANKS A LOT! you could not describe it in a better way. That is exactly how I feel about it. Duo is great and I love using it to learn. But I really HATE the "support" button, for a very simple reason: it just does not work for me. And i guess that is a very common feeling about users.

If we don't feel comfortable about the offered support, then we just won't use it. Why bother to suggest anything if we don't even get an answer, most of the time?

Look, i understand that most probably, Duo workers may just be overwhelmed due to a large number of suggestions and support requests. But not providing a professional bug tracking system is just worse, because users will keep suggesting the very same things over and over again.

We can't vote on popular requests. We can't flag a request as a duplicate. We can't comment on someone else's idea. We can't even see if some effort is being made for something that is important.

Those are just a few of the issues that a public bug tracking system allows us to do.

In short, it allows users to start working FOR FREE in order to help Duolingo to become better. It would be a large amount of tiny contributions, which would add up to help move it forward. And in a fast way.

I am not talking about adopting each and every suggestion. That is not the point and would be impossible. It is about collaborative effort. We want to help, so help us to work with you.

I really think Luis and other people could start to redesign the way Duolingo COMMUNICATE with users. To hear us more and in a better way. And to leverage the huge amount of help that many of us are willing to offer.

Sorry by the large post. But this is a key issue for me and it has been bothering me on a daily basis for too long. Which is really frustrating.

Regards, Paulo

You might want to start a new thread in the "troubleshooting in English" forum, which may or may not get some notice. I agree with you that an improvement in bugtracking and communications would have a huge positive effect on Duolingo.

I would love a way to lend weight to a good suggestion for improvement. Just as an example, about once a week, someone starts a new thread in the German discussion section about how the nouns in the words list of German are not capitalized and do not have include the gender prominently. This is both a serious hindrance to learning German and a basic spelling error (similar to spelling "I" as "i" in English.

Unfortunately nothing seems to change. All anyone else can do is say, "We know. Report it via Support. Don't use the Words section in German."

This problem alone makes me unwilling to use Duolingo for German in a teaching setting.

May I recommend that duolingo uses the correct flag to represent the English language?

Yes, it is rather strange that English is represented by an American flag. I guess it ought to be a proper flag of England, but even the flag of the United Kingdom would be closer to being correct.

Perhaps Duo would argue that it is teaching American English. Is that the reasoning?

Yes, because Duolingo teaches American English, it uses the American Flag. The reason the Spanish flag was used for Spanish even though it teaches Latin American Spanish is due to the early conundrum of having a Spanish frag and Italian flag that matched. So, they chose the flag from Spain for the sake of differentiating. While they now have ways to fix that problem for Dutch and French, perhaps they keep this flag for the sake of nostalgia. Not certain.

Duolingo should keep the American flag because it uses American English. British English is spelled differently and does not always use the same vocabulary as American English does. Using the Spanish flag makes sense for most countries in Latin America because while there might be different vocabulary words across borders, the spelling in Spanish does not change across countries.

Actually I'd love to be able to change my base language to British English. The British versions of each word are already in the system, (I always enter my answers with the correct British English spelling) it would be nice if DL would use them by default though when it is displaying a sentence.

Why can I only share progress with one person? Wouldn't you have a different teacher for german and spanish in school?

You can share with as many people as you like.

Really, where? When I add a new person under the previous person I shared my progress with loses the information. Am I the only one with this issue?

Oh, wow. You're right. I don't think that it's just you. My mistake. Have you checked the new educators forum to see if anyone else has mentioned it? (If you haven't, go to and click on the "discuss with teachers" button to see the forum.)

Thanks for the tip, good to know about that forum. I posted it there.

I take French in the class and on Duolingo. I think it would be really helpful for the teacher to see what I struggle with personally. I know that I am often confused but don't know how to gain any clarity, because I don't know what I'm not understanding. At the same time, I wouldn't like Duolingo to be my main source of instruction. Grammar really confuses me on Duolingo. For example, it never fully explains that Tu and Vous mean the same thing in ENGLISH, but in French, vous is plural. It expects you to figure it out, which leaves me lost, and blindly wandering through lessons....

So as a tool to AID teachers it sounds amazing. As a tool to REPLACE teachers, I would probably hate it.

I feel your pain. Learning through examples is generally much harder than learning through direct instruction. If I may offer two thoughts:

1. Reach out to the community

I have never talked to the folks in the French community, but I have heard that they are very active. I know that in Portuguese and Swedish I have never had a question go unanswered. Of course, this means you have to be able to know what to ask, which is hard when you don't know what you don't know! (That's why this list has two items.)

2. Use Duo as one of your learning resources

I know that I said that learning through examples is harder than learning through direct instruction, but the research shows that it can also be an extremely effective way of learning. (There are caveats, of course, but it's pretty darn good.) DuoLingo is an amazing learning resource, but it should be used as a companion to other learning activities. Teachers are a great resource. Keep them around! Find other students you can talk to, or find people fluent in French that want to learn English, and practice together. Read magazines and books in French. Keep a dictionary with you at all times. Make flash cards and use them throughout the day. Listen to French music and watch French films. Eventually you will discover the questions you want to ask, have a lot more fun along the way, and learn more than you ever thought you would. Good luck!

In case you haven't found them yet, there are a couple of extra resources that duolingo offers that you might also find useful on the clarification front.

Firstly, most sentences have a discussion page linked from the confirmation/rejection prompt that comes up after you submit your answer. (that's what the number in the speech bubble is) Often if you're confused about why one specific answer is correct when another is not, the question will already have been asked and answered there.

Secondly, most skills have an associated set of grammar notes. If you load the skill via the website (as opposed to doing it in the app) and scroll down from the list of lessons, you'll find notes there that clarify things like the tu/vous distinction.

what?! vous is plural?!

I love this! I think it will help american generations "catch-up" with other countries around the world!

duolingo ruined my life. I used to be a loving father and husband, until I discovered this wonderful website. I spent so much time learning new languages, that I completely forgot I had a family at all. susan divorced me, and now I just spend more time on this website. so, Thank you! but not really. my life is ruined, thanks to this flawless website.

smokey the cat purrs louder than a lawn mower

Just curious: is there any way DuoLingo can prevent people from using Google Translate? I hope you guys will start developing a fool-proof system that surrounds this issue. Many people I know use it, and it seems to hinder their growth.

whoops! I was supposed to say, "I actually recommended duolingo to my Spanish teacher!" But it came out as "comment 300" weird. hahahaha :P

Hey guys I'm new to Duolingo and can you tell me some features that I might not know of? Please give a lingot ;)

Welcome! For starters, you can test out of # skills and advance that far instead of starting at the beginning, assuming you already know parts of the said language. You can view your XP if you have some friends you could invite. It's divided into weeks, months, and all time. Lingots, in my opinion, are a luxury. If you're interested in XP, I'd suggest getting "Timed Practice." --- I hoped I helped!

For each question, there is a Discussion area so you can ask questions about that specific question (it's like a forum). Also, if you are accessing from the desktop (non-mobile) version, you can view grammar notes for each lesson.

Thank you, yet again!

Yay, how exciting! And how awesome for Costa Rica and Guatemala!

Such a good news ! I'm learning better with Duolingo than I ever did at school !

I am so proud of you

WOOOOOW! This is SUCH a great feature! I'm really thrilled that Duolingo is so popular and widely adopted! I believe Duolingo may yet become the de-facto standard in language education!

Wonderful ! And For free Again <3 <3 Love Duolingo Thanks for you all ! Always brings the new 1000000 Thanks .

This looks really interesting. I've added myself so I can geek out over my metrics. I'm hoping it'll help guide my study too.

Yay learner models! Very exciting, Duolingo. This may well change everything. I hope you're ready!

This is such a great feature and an amazing philanthropic pursuit that will enable more people than ever to improve their language skills. Thanks Duolingo!

does anyone know where i can study French because im lost

Hi Unicorns163, you'll find instructions in THIS link. The ads on the wikia seem to be bouncing the page around a bit. So, just let it load fully before doing anything else. I also recommend the Wiki's Getting Started Guide

Also, here is the direct link But it is really good to learn to navigate the long way in case you ever end up with a website base language you don't understand.

I hope that helps! ^_^

Thank you, for you help.

Congratulations, Duolingo! I'm glad more people will come to know this resource.

This is awesome news !

This is fantastic. I am very happy for language learning students and the Duolingo team. I would have loved to have been able to use Duolingo when I was learning languages in school.

Can't wait to integrate this this semester. Thanks a ton for making our lives easier and our classes more effective.

Now start doing this for programming languages. There are other resources out there but not at Duolingo's level of quality and community.

Oh man. A DuoLike system for programming languages would be amazing.

Codecademy is alright.... but it has more beginner level courses

Yep. I am scraping the bottom of the codecademy cup these days. I just use it for review now that I have finished all the courses that interest me. I could really use something that goes further.

Yeah it would be nice if it went further. I just started the lessons recently. Do you feel like it gave you a good foundation? What language(s) are you learning with codecademy?

It was okay, Personally I learned html and css three times over. First with a physical class, second with youtube videos, and third with codecademy. Even though learning something three times seems tedious, I found that each way added some detail the others left out, and in the end I remembered everything very well.

Some of it is also a review for me. I had some minimal experience with web design and object oriented programming, so Python, CSS, and HTML was all really great for reinforcing those principles.

I have learned less from the courses that I didn't already have any background in, such as PHP, JQuery, and JavaScript. That said, it's a good intro, and a really easy interface. I will keep using it just to stay practicing!

I have a question. If I am in a class, can I see everyone that is in just like the teacher can. I want to compare my scores and progress to my classmates.

Although you can't see the same view, you can share your progress with anyone you want, and they can in turn share theirs with you. If you hover over your user name up at the top of the screen you'll see a link for Settings. Click that, and then click Progress Sharing at the bottom of the list on the right. From there you can input the email address where you would like to send your stats. Anyone who wants to share with you can follow the same steps.

Of course, I'm describing how to do this on a computer. The steps will be different for mobile I imagine.

Hi this is a great idea. QUESTION: I teach Spanish 7th and 8th grade. I would like to set up 2 classes that can share their progress with me. But when I go to the dashboard and it says "All students," only one class shows at a time as an option. Is there a way to be able to access both classes from the same dashboard page? This is what I need. thanks!!

Hmm... that's surprising. For me, if I have it set to All Students then I see everyone. If I click that phrase then there is a dropdown menu where I can select one group at a time. You should have three options, but All Students should be the default and just show everyone. Maybe try refreshing?

You have it "set". HOW do I "set" it. There is no option for settings. My dropdown menu of All Students show me only one group - I have to open another browser window in order to access both classes. Refreshing is not helping. There really should be a tutorial with this. Can you please help? :)

@costick, just wondering if something in this School Feature user guide might help? I'm still learning how to use the feature myself. So, if people are having difficulty, I'm trying to understand those and put explanations into the guide.

Thanks very much for responding, but no, the link did not help. :( I still can't figure out how to access both groups from the same page.

I'm going to try to insert an image here. Let's see if it works.

This is my dashboard. (At

If I click in the place that says "All Students" then I get a dropdown list. It sounds like yours currently has the name of one of your classes. But if you click in that position then a menu should appear that shows the option for all students. Does that work?

Hi - Thanks for your help. I don't have any explanation - I certainly didn't fix it - but for whatever reason, when I click on "All students," I am given an option between my two classes. Amen! Problem solved (not sure how...but no complaints!)

Well great. I'm glad it's working now!

Is there any chance of showing failed lessons on the dashboard? (ie where the student has started a lesson but run out of hearts) I think this would be useful to highlight areas where the student is struggling.


I give you a lingot, sir.

When I listened the Duolingo experience at a TED talk I started investigating about it. The original idea was to translate internet text, where I correct some translation from others languages to Spanish. Does it continue this modality? Or this has changed and now Duolingo works in another way.
  • 252

This is here, - its aim to to translate the web. It can be located under the tab at the top labeled "Immersion". But to do good translations - you do need to learn another language. Which is where all of these activities, the tree, the game, comes into play.

Thank you for launching it! Great idea! I was going to use it with my students this semester and the dashboard has resolved my concerns.

At the request of UB7, from the Duolingo schools user guide discussion I am copying this comment here for all to see:

Thought I'd let you know that it seems that a user can only be added to one person's dashboard at a time. I was added to my fiancé's but then I wanted to test to see if I could be added to his and add myself to my own dashboard and it seems it isn't possible as I disappeared off his student dashboard, and then when I re-added him as the person I'm sharing progress with, it removed me off my own dashboard. Hopefully Duo can make it that you can be in two dashboards for classes, say one for one language class, and another dashboard for another language class from a different teacher.

Can anyone tell me how to launch this in duolingo there doesn't seem a button anywhere for a teacher and I've set up some groups.

This might have what you're looking for, it's a small, rough draft user-guide.

I've been using the dashboard to help keep track of my own progress. I just noticed though that it doesn't match the user's time zone. It took me a while to work out why the lessons I completed today (12 Jan) were showing in the listing for the week ending 11 Jan.


Wonderful idea. My query is that yesterday it showed progress for 4 weeks starting on December 15. After moving to the new week only this week and the previous 3 weeks are shown. W/c December 15 has gone. I would like weekly performance to remain available to build up over time.

Update 13 January - the missing week has reappeared. Hopefully this means that the weekly history will build up over time.

This is awesome! I have been using duolingo at my this year for spanish 10. Since my school is a blended learning/self-directed school it has been awesome- I am going to Chile for a year because of it! A school version is an amazing idea, because it can be hard to coordinate with my classmates and teachers, that was the only downside. I still can't believe this site is free!

I got all of my classes logged in and working today. They really seemed to enjoy using it and were surprised to see a boy they know in 7th grade as one of the pictures. I can't wait to see how the progress goes and will definitely be sharing this with all of my colleagues.

The heart system worked better in the classroom. That way the students could monitor their hearts and encourage one another to answer properly to avoid losing a heart for the group. The running man symbol is unclear....when do they have to start over, if at all? The starting over if you lost all your hearts part of the program was a terrific incentive for my students to communicate and help one another in the classroom.

this is wonderful because now I can monitor my students progress! They have been using Duolingo since August 2014. So, I am sure that it will just keep getting better and better! Thanks for the amazing resource!

how do you get so many lingot

People give lingots to posts they like.

Stick around. Do lots of lessons. Do immersion. They add up.

I haven't had a look yet, but I was hoping to have a customizable skill tree. My students who currently use the regular Duolingo suggested that. So if we are studying adjectives, I can unlock that lesson for them even if they haven't done the previous required levels....

This is awesome. Is there a way to delineate courses? I teach 6 sections of high school Spanish.

@Usagiboy7 has been working on a nice quick start guide. Did you try it out?

No, but I will now. Thanks

Please add Mandarin! It is one of the most known languages in the world and I would really like to learn it! (Along with many others I'm sure!)

Looks awesome! But can I recommend making it more clear that that minus sign in the top right will remove the student from the page, requiring them to accept the teacher's invitation again? A warning message would be great!

It may also be helpful to be able to hide certain courses... if one of my students decides to start another language course on her own, I as the teacher may not care about seeing her progress in the other language.

Thanks for this; very exciting!

We are are now using it in my school

Thanks, DL! Suggestion: I need to be able to track my students by date, not just by week, so I can assign homework on Duolingo!

It is a great idea and for a powerfull tool, just a question if I wanted to adapt the contents of my current English program to DUOLINGO curriculum, Is there any URL whet one can see the table of contents? Thanks. Samuel Arriaga Language Teacher Guanajuato-Mexico

That's great! I will be able to learn it in my own class! :D

This is a cool way of learning and I think students will learn more this way.

So excited about this!! The language options at my high school are very limited, and my fellow students and I have been pushing for a change. This is exactly what we need! Thank you all so much for developing this!

This will help a lot in schools :D I will doubt that anyone at school using this will hate it, it's kinda for me, like a video game. Good job and nice idea!

As a school district with over 3,300 English learners speaking over 90 languages, DuoLingo has great potential to help all our students have access to digital language learning as an additional tool.

As all schools, we are concerned about student privacy, security, and safety. It would be critical for classroom teachers' to have the ability to disable the (outside the school district) discussion board option. Additionally, if somehow, magically this could be a Googles App for Education, it would enable our upper elementary grades to access the program as well. Our teachers are hooked, we just want to be able to offer the option to our students, as well as their parents and family members.

Thank you.. our kids, our students will only grow with DuoLingo.

hallo sir i want learn speaking english how to learn english.

As an education major, this kind of progress in language education absolutely warms my heart.

While I think duo lingo is great, it'll never replace the classroom teacher. You have too many omissions. Some of your answers accept Argentine Spanish only, others Spanish Spanish only, others Mexican. You need a teacher to explain the different vocabulary and construction uses. Also your program frequently malfunctions. E.G. this morning I have done 6 "strengthening exercises", only 3 of them clicked through and moved me on at the end. Students will be highly frustrated with this, as will their teachers, as no credit is earned even though the work is completed. This is fine for someone at home, but in a school environment where the element of time is always a factor, this will be a huge problem.

You also have too areas of mis-instruction. One is in the use of articles with their nouns to produce "whole nouns" as in The Tree vs the tree. The other is in demonstrative pronouns. You need to rework that entire area and you need to have a Spanish language expert do it.

I love duo lingo. I use it all the time and think it's fabulous. I see lots of problems with using it in the school environment.

"Spanish Spanish?" Do you mean Castilian, which also has several dialects. Navigating various dialects of a large world language should be part of instruction, and I don't see why anyone would limit themselves to only using one resource (teacher included) to study a language.

I think carol6425 means that a teacher would be better able to explain the differences between various dialects, while DL only mixes them all together in a confusing way? (I do not actively practice Spanish on DL, so I don't know).

Sounds like a great idea!

that's cool. I am homeschooled but I still love launch!

This is wonderful!

Yay! that's so exciting! now i can ask my Spanish teacher if he has a class >:)

Been using Duolingo since the early days and I have referred it onto countless people. This is amazing news, I just really hope that the UK government puts this into practice as well, because the English are generally awful at languages, as a rule. I would love to see this take off and create a generation of polyglots. Keep up the amazing work!

This is an amazing idea, i just started and I feel like a Spanish major

HELP. I want to use the feature, but don't seem to figure out how to do it. Is there a tutorial for how to create the groups? I created to groups, gives me two links, and don't know exactly how to invite my students. When I click on manage your student's progress, it says "no student has added you yet (ningun estudiante te ha agregado). I'm looking at my student's accounts, and they don't see any invitation, how can they sign in my classes. Please.

Hola jorma! Here is a Guide

I hope that helps! :)

Wow This is perfect for people who need learn more spanish!!

I'm excited too! I hope lots of schools will use it.

Salut! Je m'appelle jabeen et j'aime

I'm 14.. so I'm still stuck in school. I've never been great with technology (I'm more of a book girl) but this helps me a lot.

This is so great. Happy to hear the good news.

mismo aquí estoy emocionado

AMAZING!! im taking a clase in spanish right now on a differnt site but to have this go into school SO HAPPY!!!!! Thanks SO much Duolingo!!!!!

this is so cool. JJ this is me.

This sounds great. Even Bill Gates mentioned having used Duolingo in a Q&A on reddit the other day!

This would be so awesome in any language class, Duolingo is a lot more fun than filling in work sheets for your verbs and adjectives!

Duolingo is the best! I can learn more words for a day here than school! I recommend this ,,app'' to all my friend! :)

2 day ago for voice phrase "She loves his children" I got suggestion "She loves h... uge dildo" (it was so funny :) ). I just want to say, are you sure about schools, Luis?

My middle school students really like duolingo BUT I find that there is language that is not age appropriate with sexual connotations.

There is a way to change the settings for appropriate words. Read Vivisaurus' description here:

She also describes a way to report further incidents as they come up, in case you find additional questionable words/phrases.

i want lingots too

Wow it's really awesome!!!

how do you do tree shortcuts in french

I am having difficulty figuring out how to set up as a teacher. I am going to have a small group of kids log on, but I would like to be able to have a specific teacher page. It probably exists, I am not just seeing it.

Did you try the link Luis posted? The URL is

Great initiate, I am new to Duolingo and cannot wait for Mandarin and Russian.

Hi guys, it is great, awesome as everything you do... can I use this module to teach employees for a company and control their progress? or is it limited to use in schools?

Great idea, doing this at work!

You can invite anyone to be your "student." Just follow the link that Luis posted, then follow the instructions. After they accept your invitation, they will be in your "class." You won't be able to control their progress, but you can view which modules they learn and the number of points they earn over the course of each week.

There should be a way to see how many hours you have spent in lessonsI'm

I'm so excited about this! And all the changes that have happened while I've been away (I got too busy with two seasonal jobs giving me 30+ hours each plus my internship... Got back and the changes are AMAZING! Starting all my trees over except Spanish in celebration.)

I saw the classroom setup and was thinking how useful it will be to students learning English or other languages.


yay now we have more work to do in school :P

Suggestion: can we make a hyperlink to people's main accounts in the dashboard as well?

From there I have the userscript that allows me to see everyone's tree--to this point I have made my own spreadsheet with hyperlinks embedded, but it'd be easier if it was directly on the dashboard. In this same vein, perhaps an indication of an individual's Duolingo username could also be useful.

Also, in terms of keeping track of strength of each skill, maybe a diagram of the total number of bars after each practice session could be useful (I see a more ideal inclusion of information as follows: lesson name (in place already), type of work (in place already), XP points earned (already in place), the specific and an indication of strength of that skill immediately after the work was done (hoping for it), and an indication of the precise day of the work (hoping for it).

My students have signed up for accounts this morning, but how do I get them appearing on my Dashboard?

Looking forward to using this!

hi MsGibbons, try this Userguide. It's a bit drafty at the moment, but, it should get you there. :)

Thanks, Usagiboy. I am giving it a go.

I'm so happy about it !! :) ;)

This is really great, Luis! I am looking forward to seeing how this develops in the future, especially because I think it will not only help teachers keep track of students, but I think that it will help keep people engaged more who tend to lean towards the badges-/stats-motivation due to KA's setup.

Kudos to you and the team! =)

I am struggling with adding sections (I have 5)....students are just all jumbled together in a mix. I can't seem to figure out how to edit (delete a section), add a section to which students are added (can I move them from one to another?), can I have a PIN number in order for students to add a section via the iPad app? #Totally confused but LOVING the potential.

If you have 5 sections, you should get 5 different links (each time changing the section name). Does this help?

The dashboard is a great idea for teachers! On Friday, I tried to get all of my students signed up by having them enter in my email and enter the name of the section, which worked for some of them, but not all. . Is there anyway that I can create the sections from my dashboard and then have the students be able to choose the section on a drop down menu?

Do you know why it didn't work for them? The easier way would have been to send a separate link to each section.

Some of them didn't have a "progress sharing" link on their profile page. I will try sending them the link. Gracias!

I'm looking for a solution to this problem. One of my students does not have a progress sharing link.

This is very nice.

Genial para los niños que van a usar Duolingo en su escuela. El aprendizaje lúdico es lo mejor. :D

Thank you all very much!!!!

This is great! Can you add functionality to set goals in points per week or completion dates for lessons for your classes to try and hit?

Hi Luis,

I am a Spanish teacher and have been using duolingo for the second year now. One feature that I would like to suggest is being able to take a quiz where you select which skills you want to be tested on. Each skill on the quiz could cost a lingot or something so people didn't take quizzes all the time. As a teacher, I could assign a couple skills to students and let them check their comprehension on a more regular basis.

Its a excellent exercise.....i am learning alots.

Thank you so much! I´m looking forward to further developments. My students really enjoy duoLingo, and have recommended it to family and friends.

I teach at a small rural school in Tennessee. Our textbooks are ancient and falling apart, so I created my own curriculum using Duolingo as an integral part of each week's lessons. Thank you! The kids respond beautifully to the learning. We do it as a large group in class where they cheer each other on and correct one another so that they don't have to start all over again! :) They also receive extra credit if they do lessons on their own, so the new tracking in the dashboard is awesome.

Great news! I'm going to give it a go with my level 1 students once a week and will report back with feedback!

[deactivated user]

    Although I'm not teaching at the moment, being able to have this utility at my disposal in future is definitely reassuring! I tried it out on a second email address and it works brilliantly - cheers for the feature!

    I think this would be great for my school to do with new student that don't speak english. i I think this is going to be very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told my teacher about it and she loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been teaching me like never before, you have my thanks

    Sounds interesting!

    How do I add a teacher?

    This kind of tools will change the world. If people educate themselves, they'll reach their goals. Online education is the future !!

    Thank you for your great work! I haven't try it yet but I am going to do it.

    Thank you for your great work! I haven't tried it yet but I am going to do it!

    What a service to the world! One could only hope to leave such a legacy!!!

    That's a great idea.

    I was able to link duolingo to my group area in the colleges moodle using the external tool. I just read that this then link the quizzes and activities done on other sites to the grade book has anyone else done this and found out if this works and can be used to keep a students record more accessible than at present. With the duolingo for schools.

    Wow this is great, my spanish, and my french teacher could use this.

    good work luis!!!

    Wow. I am sure this is going to help countless children have a better chance at a better future! Duolingo will have an impact on countless lives of students!

    YAY! FINALLY! I'm going to recommend this to my French teacher!! :D

    This is amazing! Good luck!

    Wow this idea sounds great

    My school already has duolingo im doing it right now.

    wow awesome you deserved that :D i loved this site so so much

    good! students in schools all over the world need duolingo. thats so awesome

    This is Amazing News! Duolingo is such a great way to learn. Can't wait to see if my school uses it!c :D

    That can be good except most people do no t want to loose their progress....

    I wish I can go to duolingo schools

    [deactivated user]

      I hope it reaches my school!!! I'm really looking forward to Duolingo for Schools!!! :)

      Yay! I wonder if this would come to my school.

      I am looking forward to this as I am considering using duolingo for my children whom I am teaching at home.

      thats AWESOME honestly i feel that can teach hundreds of people about different languages

      How is The Dashboard accessed so I can see it when I log in?

      As long as you are logged in to Duo, then you can go to If you're not, then you should be able to log in at that link, too. I don't know because I never log out.

      What about homeschoolers? I am a homeschooling mother of two, and my son begins his Freshman year, is he able to receive any credits through Duolingo, like Rosetta Stone yet?

      For younger or people having difficulty, some levels/ skills need breaking up to more easily attainable point. My 15 year old learning Italian is stuck on possessives. It needs breaking up so she can achieve and master part of them then move on.

      do you know what schools off the top of your head? just wondering... it's such a great app and program... will there be a way to only choose one language or to track progress in a language? just wondering... pretty new to this...

      Such a great news ! I will introduce DUO to my son as soon as he starts learning how to write and speak his native language ! :D

      yay love learning different language

      Hey Luis, great website! I have a question, do you guys plan to add phonetic transcriptions to the words one day? It would really help a lot with pronunciation! If you want I believe even the community would like to help! You have a great invention, you are a genius and with this you are helping people around the world. Thank you a lot man!

      This is awesome :D

      This is very exciting; I teach a linguistics and European languages course to lower-division undergraduates at a state university in Massachusetts (USA) and there are so many completed courses that would be useful (Portuguese, German, Swedish), along with those currently in development (Esperanto, Italian, Turkish). Looking forward to seeing how I can continue to supplement language learning through Duolingo. Thanks so much, Christopher Larkosh UMass Dartmouth

      Very good .. thank you.

      eso significa:En respuesta a las miles de cartas de los profesores de idiomas y los ministerios de educación de los gobiernos de todo el mundo, estoy feliz de anunciar el lanzamiento de Duolingo para las escuelas.

      Desde Duolingo no requiere pidiendo financiación de las administraciones (inexistentes en la mayoría de los casos!), Muchas clases de lengua en los EE.UU. y en el extranjero ya había comenzado a utilizar como un compañero tecnológico. Los gobiernos de Costa Rica y Guatemala, por ejemplo, hace poco comenzaron pilotos en algunas de sus escuelas públicas, donde los maestros con alto dominio del Inglés son escasos.

      Algunos profesores incluso han reestructurado la totalidad de su plan de estudios para sincronizar con Duolingo de. "La gamification realmente trabaja con los niños y se abre una oportunidad para ellos para reforzar lo que se enseña durante el tiempo de instrucción. Yo soy el único profesor de lengua extranjera en una escuela de 750 estudiantes. Hemos estado utilizando Duolingo este año, y estoy viendo realmente novedosos resultados ", comentó Said Kassem Hamideh, un español profesor de secundaria en la Escuela Secundaria Washington de las TI en Milwaukee.

      El lanzamiento de Duolingo para Escuelas significa educadores tendrán finalmente un panel de control para el seguimiento del progreso de los estudiantes en forma consolidada ... pero eso es sólo el principio.

      En un futuro próximo, el cuadro de instrumentos le ayudará a los maestros a entender las necesidades de aprendizaje de cada estudiante en un nivel de detalle que antes era imposible. Mediante el seguimiento de patrones a través de respuestas y momentos de vacilación incorrectos, Duolingo puede dar una idea de las áreas de cada estudiante de dificultad y proporcionar una respuesta inmediata con el fin de maximizar la productividad de su clase. El objetivo es proporcionar una experiencia de aprendizaje personalizado para cada estudiante y liberar tiempo de los maestros a concentrarse en los conceptos difíciles, responder preguntas y ayudar a los estudiantes quedarse atrás.

      Estoy muy entusiasmado con este lanzamiento y espero que podamos tener un gran impacto en el sistema educativo

      wow good for you kepp going and enjoy your life break free and live life the way it should be lived

      they already did announce them for school fwi

      I think I will go and join soon

      Very good piece of news. Going to start using it soon.

      Hello! I am a Spanish teacher using Duolingo in the classroom for the first time. I noticed that Dashboard has recently changed. I was previously able to edit the section that students joined but now I am having trouble doing that. I didn't send invitations to all of my students, instead, I had them go set it up themselves via "progress sharing". But most kids didn't type in the section correctly (capitalization etc.) which wasn't a problem before because I could edit it.

      Secondly, is there a way to get to the Dashboard easily from the home page? I always end up typing the url in.

      Thank you! I have had great success with my students using Duolingo!


      what I understand anythind

      Man you need a lingot ;) nice Wokr :)

      Would Czech language be available on duolingo soon ?!

      Thank you! I'm a tutor helping a student out over long distance over the summer. I was wondering, he's expected to do a specific amount of time of practice per day-- would it be possible to track how long students spend on specific skills (sort of like what does for math)?

      Hello every one

      Please make a dashboard where a teacher of ELD (English Language Development) which has students learning English but who speak multiple different languages (Pashto, Tagalog, Nepali, Mongolian, Chinese, Spanish, Tagrina) can track all her/his students in English. Presently, if a student speaks Chinese, the dashboard shows as Chinese for the teacher's dashboard which is not as helpful for a teacher who speaks/reads/writes in English.

      My students speak Dutch or French. They are learning Chinese with me. How do I create a classroom for learning Chinese?

      Chinese is not currently offered as a course, only a language that other courses can be taken in.

      Thanks! What a pity! I know that a lot of people world wide are learning Chinese. I am thinking of opening a Chinese course for English or French speakers.

      You can apply to help create a course through this link ^_^

      I'm a teacher in dentistry and many patients I interact with do not speak English. Would DuoLingo ever consider making an application with an emphasis on the medical professional and students in that field?

      Hi, I finish the portuguese, does duolingo has an advance course? please let me know.

      Hi! I'm a Spanish language teacher in the Netherlands. We would love to make use of Duolingo, but unfortunately no version from Dutch- Spanish is available. We have more than 2000 students who are interested in using Duolingo. Is there a Dutch- Spanish version upcoming? Kind regards, Michael

      My school lets us take foreign languages online if we don't offer the certain language, but I can't find any online programs that teach Swahili specifically for school learning purposes. Does this mean I can take it on Duolingo?




      please give me a lingot

      (Sorry for of topic comment, but this is important, but I can't get Duolingo's attention on these for months now)

      This is official post to get votes for English for Georgian speakers course.

      700+ votes from that post are gone, and Doulingo hasn't fixed this.

      [deactivated user]

        This turned out to be a huge mistake.

        This sounds great! May I suggest that, since a lot of people need motivation to learn, to be able to creat a "classroom" where we can add family and/or friends, and instead of assignments, we get challenges to complete.

        I know the whole clubs thing has sort of this concept but I've never had access to it (never understood why) but I'd like to be able to learn languages with my friends, while being a bit competitive in it, of course, everything in good fun.

        (English is not my first language, sorry if I made any mistake)

        It seems great! I agree with bszalay26 and spangineer that they should hide certain courses, for example Flirting.

        Duolingo you guys are amazing and are spreading prosperity and opportunity around the world . It's so against the normal capitalist ways of the world and also you are making yourselves money, like capitalists! Magic!

        this is crap.... You learn nothing.... Yes you may learn phrases and words, but you will never be able to have a real conversation if you don´t ever practice having a real conversation with Native speakers of the language.

        Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.