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Announcing Duolingo for Schools!

In response to thousands of letters from language teachers and education ministries from governments around the world, I’m happy to announce the launch of Duolingo for Schools.

Since Duolingo requires no begging for funding from administrations (non-existent in most cases!), many language classrooms in the US and abroad had already begun using it as a technological companion. The governments of Costa Rica and Guatemala, for example, recently started pilots in some of their public schools, where teachers with high English proficiency are scarce.

Some teachers have even restructured their entire curriculum to synch with Duolingo’s. “The gamification really works with the kids and opens up an opportunity for them to reinforce what is taught during instructional time. I am the only foreign language teacher at a school of 750 students. We have been using Duolingo this year, and I'm seeing really novel results,” commented Said Kassem Hamideh, a Spanish High School teacher at Washington High School of IT in Milwaukee.

The launch of Duolingo for Schools means educators will finally have a dashboard to track student progress in a consolidated manner… but that’s just the beginning.

In the near future, The Dashboard will help teachers understand each student’s learning needs at a level of detail previously impossible. By tracking patterns across incorrect answers and moments of hesitation, Duolingo can provide insight into each student’s areas of difficulty and provide immediate feedback in order to maximize in-class productivity. The goal is to provide a personalized learning experience to each student and free up teachers’ time to concentrate on difficult concepts, answer questions, and assist students falling behind.

I’m excited about this launch and hope we can have a big impact in the educational system around the world.

January 8, 2015



Looks awesome! But can I recommend making it more clear that that minus sign in the top right will remove the student from the page, requiring them to accept the teacher's invitation again? A warning message would be great!

It may also be helpful to be able to hide certain courses... if one of my students decides to start another language course on her own, I as the teacher may not care about seeing her progress in the other language.

Thanks for this; very exciting!


Hiding certain courses would be really helpful indeed. I am not a teacher, but I wanted to compare my results with those of my mother, to help her with her Spanish, but I learn eight languages on duolingo actively, so it takes up a lot of space... Since sections are available, it would be great to pair sections with learned languages (or base-learned language pairs).

Edit: It would also be very useful, if a student could set several teachers, or the same teacher with several sections, in case the student is actually learning several languages at the same time. Otherwise if a student is learning two foreign languages at school then only one teacher will be able to see this student on the dashboard, the other not.


I agree with the minus sign warning. Curiously I clicked it and to my detriment I deleted the person I was "tracking".


I think this Idea is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Amazing! I'm now hoping we can create some sort of forum for teachers to share the resources/strategies that they have developed. I myself am a 7-12 French teacher and have been using Duolingo with my students for over a year now.

To this point I've developed a series of supplement packets, a huge classroom sticker chart with all the lessons and students on it, and a more detailed breakdown of how I use Duolingo. I can share those again if other teachers are interested.

In terms of specific feedback for the new system, it'd be great to have a breakdown of the specific days available (maybe a line indicating the different days on which practice was done).

In any event, this is great. Thank you once again for all that you all do!

Some other posts I've made (if you're so inclined):

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Yes, I would like to have those two things:

1) A forum for teachers

2) The ability to see their "daily" practice.

This year, I gave more points if students were doing a lesson per day instead of five lessons in one day, as students will retain more if they practice a little every day.

So, I would love to see that feature added.


Thank you for being a teacher, and thank you for being a teacher that gives their resources to others!


For those looking for ways to get around the "not having email" issue for students. If you have a google account you can create kinda-child email addresses using the "+" trick so "email+student1@gmail.com". You will still receive all the emails at email@gmail.com and you can even just filter them into a folder.

Voilà email addresses. I used this to create an account here for my 8 year old daughter last year.


If you have "jsmith@gmail.com" you can signup for another account with Duolingo by using "jsmith+student1@gmail.com" as the email address. This should work for any google hosted email address. Using google filtering you can tag/color/filter these emails if you wish so they don't clutter your inbox.

You can repeat this for as many accounts as you need.


As a homeschooling mom, I love this. I have an 8 year old doing Duolingo, and a 5 year old who will be starting in about 6 months, so having "Duolingo for Schools" is incredibly helpful in keeping track of their progress.


Oh that is fantastic! My siblings and I are all homeschooled and I will certainly be showing my mom this. :)


I, too, homeschool. This will be great for those summer months when I don't want my boys to forget what they've learned during the year. Can't wait 'til Russian is up and running.


I am also homeschooling... I have an 8 year old and a 12 year old doing it. So far, Duolingo for schools has been helpful. It has shown me that my 8 year old is making excellent progresss... and my 12 year old... has been doing a lot of "strengthen" exercises. They both have a point goal to achieve every day.


In addition, I'm thinking that not only for parents who homeschool their children, but just any parents who would like to be "more involved" in their children's language-learning process - kind of like Khan Academy has its Parent feature; I envision this tool maybe being used by lots of parents worldwide!!


This is amazing! As being a homeschool child this is very easy and sufficient to use. Easy language learning program.


This is great! I've figured out that you can add yourself as a teacher and then keep track of your own practice sessions through the Dashboard. It's handy, and I'm sure it will be incredibly useful for teachers. :D

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I did the same LingoGirl ! I just had to see what it would do.


I did the same and it works! Nice!


As a safety conscious teacher my question ( an obvious one ) is - are there any risks to students? Will anyone be able to contact them or get access to their email through duolingo? Are their email and their identity safe on duolingo?


I believe their info is as safe as they keep it. Make sure you tell them to practice smart online behavior. They should use an alias, never post personal information, never give personal information out online, don't post their picture, etc. As for Duolingo, though, they're not making any of that information public as far as I can tell.


I am a 5th grade teacher. I do not even want my students to have e-mail addresses so they can send or receive e-mails. I would prefer them to just be able to access duolingo for language learning. It would be great to have them have a sign in under my class with only a username and password without needing the e-mail for their safety.


I think the ability for users to follow each other and post to activity feeds is a definite problem. It bothers me that I don't have to accept a follower and that I can't set my profile to not allow people to post to my activity feed. Yes I can block, but that has to be done for individuals. In other words, I have to opt out of each person that follows me, rather than being able to opt in to people who can post to my feed.
I think this is a real issue for bringing in younger users. (There was a large scale prostitution ring operating in an area near us a couple years back. It used social media to bring in high school and younger girls. This was a top school district that was not what you would have considered typical for this sort of criminal predation.)


I believe we have to teach them how to behave, not just the specific subject of our specific areas. That include apparently trivial things such as what is acceptable and what is not inside our classes, as well as what is safe in the internet.

The question is close to what one would do in front of your own house. A forum is much like a wall where you can put some information, if you wish. I would never put my personal data outside of my house, nor in some public forum in the internet.

I think it is our job to teach them how to behave safely, including when using computers. Which leads to another tought. Proper education is much more effective than any computer system.

The question is: how do we teach them to behave in a safe way?

When I plan my classes, I always think about which are the specific skills they need to learn. I guess I need to start thinking more about that issue, too.

Regards, Paulo

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