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  5. "Das ist eine Flasche."

"Das ist eine Flasche."

Translation:This is a bottle.

July 25, 2013



Is "This is a flask," a reasonable translation

[deactivated user]

    Not really. A flask is a special type of bottle. "Flasche" just means "bottle".


    Flask can also refer to any type of bottle actually, but it is a rarer usage, that many native speakers will have rarely heard used. It sounds 'older', and so is sometimes used ironically if one is pretending to be aloof.

    "Hand me that flask of wine, my dear fellow, wot!"



    'this is a fool' doesn't work apparently? reasons?


    Because it's a non-standard and slangy translation, if I had to guess.


    Is Flasche specifically a baby bottle, or any kind of bottle (like a water bottle, etc.).

    [deactivated user]

      Flasche is non-specific. It means 'bottle' of any kind. A baby bottle would be Babyflasche. A water bottle would be Wasserflasche.


      I wrote "This is a fool" and I got it wrong. Besides, "fool" was another translation for "flasche". Why did I get this wrong? :(


      I'd report it as technically, according to their given notes, they have a bug.


      I don't know for you, but for me the question is within a learning sequence for 'Household' items.


      Shouldn't it be "diese ist eine Flasche"? I thought "Das" means "that".


      That would also work but it is more common in German to say "Das ist..." Das changes from 'the' to 'it', 'that', 'this' and possibly other such words. It depends on the context.


      I think I've missed something. Since Flasche is feminine, it's "die Flasche." Why isn't "this" translated as "die" for a feminine noun? I would use "diese" rather than "dieser" or "dieses". Why not "die" rather than "der" or "das"?


      I think the answer is that the German "Das ist ..." is more or less like the English "It is ..." It is used no matter the gender of the thing. Of course English does not have gender like German, but think about a doctor that first tells a couple the sex of their baby; "It's a boy" or "It's a girl". In that sense, I think "das" does not decline.


      "This is an bottle" is not correct in english. Should be A bottle


      On the other hand, duolingo says I have a typo, saying that I should have used "one bottle" :)


      When is Das "that" vs. "This"?


      Context, I suppose. Das when it's in front of a verb (without a noun) can basically mean all of these: the, that, this, those, these...

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