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"Abbiamo una guida della città?"

Translation:Do we have a guide of the city?

July 25, 2013



Definitely a guide TO the city, though. Unless you want to say guidebook of the city. Even then, it would be better to say guidebook FOR the city.


I really dislike how you have to put "do" at the front of these kinds of sentences. "We have a guide of the city?" works just fine in English. This website is too strict sometimes man...


Ho scrito "Do we have a guidebook for the city?" Non è giusta?


Do we have a city guide? was accepted 4.13.19


"Do we have a guide of the city" is clunky English. It will be understood, but it will definitely sound like a literal translation of a foreign language. You want: of -> to or for. "to" is used in the present tense or generally interrogative and "for" when making plans.


Is there a difference in how you would say guide meaning book versus meaning a person?

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