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"Hij wenst ons een goede nacht."

Translation:He wishes us a good night.

January 8, 2015



'He wishes us good night' was marked incorrect. That's how I would say it, but I am not a native speaker. So, native English speakers, please advise: should I report it? Or is it a matter of literal translation here?


I'd think of it as if he cant come to the dinner, but still wishes us a good night together, whereas on the phone before bed he wishes us good night


I think they are wanting a literal translation even though English people would highly unlikely say 'a good night' here. However, nobody would even notice if you did say it like that really.


Its not wrong but poetic/old fashioned as in "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night". Dropping "a" is common in everyday usage. And its probably even more common to use a colloquialism like "nigh night" (sounds like nanight) in the north of the uk at least.


Is there a difference between night and evening in dutch? Apparently evening is wrong


In Dutch the distinction between evening and night is different than in English, roughly:

  • midnight - 6am = nacht
  • 6am - noon = ochtend
  • noon - 6pm = middag (in the Netherlands), namiddag (in Belgium)
  • 6pm - midnight = avond

If you add, vroege or late you usually mean respectively the first 2 or last 2 hours of the period.


That’s the way I’ve always thought of the difference between the two in english. Evening is the time after dark when people are still doing things, and night is when everyone is asleep—although night can also be any time after dark. That’s why when you say good evening you’re usually saying hello, and when you say goodnight you’re usually saying good bye or you mean that you’re going to bed.


I think of evening as about 5:00 pm until dark during the summer, and until maybe about 8:00 if it gets dark before then.

Night is once it gets dark out. This means that the two can overlap for me. (That being said, I would say six o' clock at night, even if it is still light out.)

I don't really use evening much at all. I tend to stick to morning, afternoon, and night.

That's just my opinion as one Canadian guy. Other people probably think of it differently.


how about "Welterusten"


You can use that any time of the day, as long as somebody is going to bed. It basically means may you rest well (wel-te-rusten).



  • Nacht -> Night, Goede nacht -> Good night
  • Avond -> Evening, Goedenavond -> Good evening


Would "he bids us good night" be accepted?

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