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Formatting options for discussion posts.

Hi everyone. Just a little suggestion, it would be great to have some text formatting options (bold, italic,...) available here. When asking or explaining something, it would make it visually easier and more clear to read and comprehend. What do you think?

Thank you!

EDIT: Nevermid, asterisks between words make them italics, and two asterisks make them bold.

July 25, 2013



Adding to the discussion:

#1 Two spaces before hitting enter will:
Allow you to start a new line without skipping a line.

#2 And using the french accent grave on the outsides of your statement highlights it. On my computer, it's the one under the ~ (under the ESC key).



Woah pretty cool thank you!


I'm sure there was another thread about this once ... Anyway, here's another trick: to get bullet points add '- ' (a hyphen followed by a space) at the beginning of each line of text. I use this effect to get block indented text like this:

  • Neto e neta são netos, no masculino.
  • Filho e filha são filhos, no masculino.
  • Pai e mãe são pais, no masculino.
  • Avô e avó são avós

You need a blank line before the first bullet point.

[Update] As I thought there are several old discussions about this subject. In this one http://www.duolingo.com/comment/516373 wataya mentioned that Duolingo are using a subset of Markdown (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown).

Using info from the Wikipedia page I found a better way to get the effect I fudged with bullet points. Add '> ' to the beginning of each line and combine this with vivisaurus's idea of two spaces to prevent a blank line gives this effect:

Neto e neta são netos, no masculino.
Filho e filha são filhos, no masculino.
Pai e mãe são pais, no masculino.
Avô e avó são avós


I discovered accidentally that if you put asterisks around a word or phrase, like * this * but without the spaces, it turns into italics

There's probably a way to do bold as well, but I'm not sure what it is


Oh, nice, I just discovered two asterisks make bold. So there must be more for sure. Why make that so secret and not tell you anywhere... Anyway, thank you!


Awesome this is great xD, Will help a lot in explaining things to people, Maybe the team should make this more obvious to people? - They need some sort of notice board.




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